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Royal Gorge Railroad War

In the 1870s, a small section of a narrow gauge railway line It snaked through the cavernous walls of the Arkansas Canyon in the heart of Colorado. The control of this railway line would develop as a significant melodrama in the mining history of the state and later it would be called the “War of […]

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Wood floors in kitchens: a modern trend

Kitchens have always been one of the important places in every home and today they have become even more important. In the past, kitchens used to be a separate room with walls that was almost isolated from the rest of the house. Then came the trend for open-style kitchens connecting with living rooms. This allows […]

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Spice up a grilled cheese sandwich

My mom recently had the flu. While recovering, one of the things he wanted most was a grilled cheese sandwich. I know my own kids have often ordered grilled cheese sandwiches when we go out to diners for dinner. And almost every restaurant has grilled cheese sandwiches on the kids’ menu. I have many ideas […]

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The pregnant woman’s guide to sexy

Pregnancy is a miracle. Most mothers, or even expectant mothers, will quickly agree. Seeing your little one on his ultrasound, feeling his little hands and feet kicking and exploring, and knowing that you are the life-safety provider he has created are all the wonderful feelings we feel during pregnancy. At the beginning of my own […]


Tampa Bay Bucs – Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium, also known as Ray Jay, is located in Tampa, Florida. The stadium is home to the NFL professional soccer team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NCAA’s University of South Florida Bulls. The stadium has a capacity of 65,857 seats and has an expansion capacity of approximately 75,000 (this is for special […]