NFL Sports Betting News

On Sports bets keeping up with the news is important. Here are some examples of news that anyone seriously interested in sports betting should consider before placing a bet. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins to a two-year contract extension through the 2008 season. In other Eagles news, running back Bruce Perry […]

Digital Marketing

What type of mobile user are you?

Digital marketing research leader InsightExpress has found a way to profile mobile consumers, which can be helpful to mobile marketers when trying to target a certain audience. They have categorized all mobile users into three segments, including: mobile pioneers, mobile aspiring, and mobile traditionalists. InsightExpress research sheds light on the behavior of various people in […]


Smart Investment Strategies for Conservative Investors in 2018

As we enter 2018, investors are reflecting on the investment decision they made in previous years. There are several considerations, especially with various unknowns based on domestic and geopolitical realignments that could have an adverse impact on investment portfolios. In a long-term, low-risk investment season, here are some of the smart investment strategies for conservative […]


Nostalgia in games

Nostalgia. The word brings to mind a joyful familiarity that comes from participating in something in the present that we really enjoy doing in the past. The games are no different. We all have games that bring back memories of what we now think of as better times. Hindsight is like the snob who points […]