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Petrified wood flooring: pros and cons

Today, many people are considering purchasing petrified wood flooring. If you are one of these people, you must know the different pros and cons of acquiring this type of soil. Before tackling this, what is petrified wood really? Well, it’s actually some kind of fossilized wood. Through a process that has taken thousands of years, […]


Skoda Fabia VRS review

When we think of Austrian automakers Skoda, our mind automatically jumps to the Superb, a kind of upper-middle-class vehicle. But, there isn’t much hype or fanfare behind its lower models like the Fabia. The topic of discussion here is the “Skoda Fabia vRS”, Skoda’s latest attempt to introduce a rally car on the roads. Let’s […]


A private face

A Private Face is a heartfelt story about a rebellious teenager and caring mother who never gives up hope of getting her son to change his cheeky attitude and stop making bad decisions that get him in trouble both at school and at home. Kate’s life has been turned upside down. She has recently separated […]

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The thrill of cunnilingus in sex

Part of the appeal of giving women oral sex is in the sheer passion, intensity, and excitement of cunnilingus, along with the great intimacy it brings to your sexual relationship with your woman. There is also a sense of comfort and a stress release in the act, which can be of great benefit to some […]


Robot Race Car Drivers – Yes It’s Coming

About five years ago, I wrote a very interesting article suggesting that Google’s autonomous car would eventually compete in NASCAR against human drivers. I laughed sometime later, when on April 1 Google posted a joke video on YouTube that said they were going into NASCAR and had sponsorship for their autonomous vehicle. I’m glad you […]

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Is owning a rental property for you?

For some people, owning and operating rental real estate is a great idea, while for others, this might not be the case! The difference not only applies to the specific property, but also to the personality, attitude and specific personal strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Some factors include, of course, the financial ones, including […]