Storytelling: how important is it to your brand?

In this 21st century there are stories everywhere, more than before. We television. In newspapers and magazines. Online. Disconnected. Wherever we look and see, there is a story. Enhanced by various technology tools; stories, whether true or ‘fake’ news, now move faster. Traversing communities and countries in seconds. Within this rapidly changing information environment, businesses, […]

Home Kitchen

What are thresholds and transitions?

Oftentimes, it’s the little things in a flooring project that really get the job done, and that’s where thresholds and transitions come in! These little ones are the separation between one floor and another, or they can fill in the edge of your tile to give you the professional look you want. So what is […]


home remedy for lice

Any parent of school-age children has had at least one attack of head lice. If you haven’t, you will. The lice shampoo you buy at your local pharmacy isn’t cheap, and it’s not always 100% effective. Here are some home remedies to try that are cheap, in some cases free, and work just as well […]


Does South Carolina Have Online Gambling?

Carolina Have Online Gambling The question, does South Carolina have online gambling, may be on your mind. The good news is that the legislation regulating online gambling in South Carolina does not directly affect the players themselves. Instead, it targets casino operators. As a result, South Carolina residents are restricted to playing on offshore gambling […]

Legal Law

Dating a lawyer: 10 pros and 10 cons

If you like smart, hard-working people, you’ll love dating lawyers. Completing a law degree and obtaining a license to practice law is a great achievement, one that only conscientious and intelligent people are capable of achieving. Additionally, legal professionals are good communicators, as their jobs require highly-honed argument and conversation skills. Such specialists must also […]