Best Gaming CPUs: Intel Vs AMD

Games require more than ordinary hardware and software specifications. For people who only use the computer for light tasks like doing documents, playing flash games, or watching movies, the lightweight specs would suffice. However, for avid gamers and regular users, a regular CPU wouldn’t make the cut. Some regular users could be classified as graphics […]

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Book Review: A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans By: W. Bruce Cameron Publisher: Forge Books Publication date: December 2016 ISBN: 978-0765388117 Dog lovers have always known that dogs are intelligent, loving, and deeply devoted to “their humans.” Author W. Bruce Cameron has taken this knowledge and added a unique twist that builds on it: a novel […]


Top 5 teams to watch this season

Well, the new season has finally arrived, and once again we are getting ready to see who the “Cinderella” teams will be. We want to know how the teams are doing compared to last year. We also want to know if the good teams from last year will be able to play well again. I’m […]