Criminal Justice Report Writing: Interviewing a Person with Special Needs

Police officers often encounter citizens with special needs, such as vision, hearing, or mobility issues. These tips will help you conduct an interview efficiently and effectively. 1. Use your voice appropriately. Many people unknowingly start yelling when talking to a person in a wheelchair or someone who cannot see. Talk normally. (The same principle applies […]

Shopping Product Reviews

5 open source firewalls you should know about

Despite the fact that pfSense and m0n0wall seem to get the most consideration in the open source firewall/router market, with pfSense outperforming m0n0wall in recent years, there are several excellent firewall/router distributions available on both Linux and Linux. as in BSD. All these projects are based on the native firewalls of their respective operating systems. […]


Relationships and Communication: Sender Vs Receiver

In Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers, the author writes: “Western communication has what linguists call a ‘transmitter orientation’—that is, it is seen as the responsibility of the speaker to communicate ideas clearly and unambiguously… But Korea, like many Asian countries, is receiver-oriented. listener to make sense of what is said. p. 216 Regarding the 6 […]


VRI Use Case Benefits

Is your business using VRI the right way? Should I hire a face-to-face sign language interpreter? Well, the answers to these questions depend on what the use case is. For many businesses, video remote interpreting is an invaluable tool for communicating with their deaf employees or customers. However, in some cases this is simply not […]