The 5 Basic Skills Needed to Play Softball

Playing softball competitively or recreationally requires a basic skill set including catching, pitching, fielding, hitting, and running bases. A dedicated softball player must take the time to practice correct techniques in the following skills in order to play the game confidently and confidently. Even experienced softball players should continue to practice and exercise these skills […]


Mega World Internet Summit Singapore 2007

The World Internet Mega Summit, the LARGEST internet marketing seminar in the world, has just ended after 4 days of intensive content, entertainment, marketing and presentations on May 26-29, 2007. Created by Brett McFall and Tom Hua, who are highly successful internet marketers, and hosted by Success Resources of Singapore, the summit was the world’s […]

Health Fitness

Diabetes: 5 Tips for Controlling Sugar

Are you one of the many diabetics who have trouble controlling your blood sugar level? Is your doctor unhappy with your A1C readings no matter what you do? Most likely, the situation is not as desperate as it seems. With enough information and motivation, any type II diabetic can align their results with current recommendations. […]