Digital Marketing

Create a Successful Marketing Plan: 15 Key Factors for Business Success

Every marketing plan should include an analysis of the industry. Why? Because it’s critically important to understand the industry you operate in and identify and track your performance against the Key Business Success Factors (KSFs) for your organization. Understanding your industry and identifying your KSFs will help build a successful marketing plan; one that is […]

Legal Law

The few, the brave, the forgotten

Young citizens were a part of some of the most violent moments in American history. These individuals gave up family life, work, and some gave up hope of a successful and lucrative existence after returning “from the war.” With each successive war, feelings for veterans went from hot to cold and then back again. The […]


Golf blogs crucify Phil Mickelson

In case you’ve been holed up in a mud hut in Namibia with Angelina and Shiloh for the last month, Phil Mickelson made it to the 72nd hole at Winged Foot last Sunday, slipped on a banana peel, fell sideways into the pond, and fell. He drowned. He only needed a par 18 to win […]


Moby Dick – Character List

In 1851, Moby Dick was written by a novelist named Herman Melville. The novel deals with the adventures of Ishmael, a wandering sailor, who joined the voyage of the Pequod, a whaling ship commanded by Captain Ahab. Ishmael later found out that his captain is obsessed with getting revenge on Moby Dick, a giant sperm […]


Benefits of remote monitoring for companies

If you are a business owner or manager, you will always be looking for new solutions to make your business even more competitive. And, when it comes to the IT industry, things get more demanding. The IT dominated market has always needed a fast and efficient network and the contemporary solution for that is ‘Remote […]