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How to Enter the Pretrial Intervention Program or First Time Offender Program in Williamson County, Texas

Williamson County, Texas, has a reputation for being tough on those accused of crimes. That reputation may be well-earned, but a relatively new program for first-time offenders known as Pretrial Intervention may be an opportunity for those accused of crimes in Williamson County to escape the harsher punishment than often. they await repeat offenders. The […]


Anhydrous ammonia spill day

It appears that someone declared June 8, 2007, as the day of serious anhydrous ammonia spills from refrigeration systems across the country. Three separate cases of significant spills were reported today. Mount Sterling, KY, Wyalusing, PA and Milwaukie, OR had pitches in the last 24 hours. No one died, but several people were taken to […]

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Food in demand: Chinese takeout

There will always be people wanting Chinese takeout. This is because they tried these delicious dishes and realized how satisfying it is. The best part is that Chinese takeout is affordable too. Imagine getting good quality in a large quantity at an affordable price. Why do you think China’s cities are scattered all over the […]