N is for nutrition in triathlon training

Nutrition in triathlon training is probably one of the most important and yet overlooked aspects of amateur triathlon. Professional triathletes are hypersensitive to the need for nutrition both during training and during the race. However, amateur triathletes tend to be lax in their nutrition or do not plan their nutrition well enough and therefore suffer […]


The great jaguar cat

The third largest feline, the jaguar, is an incredible animal. The most active and vigorous of the big cats, it is designed for tremendous strength and agility. It is a versatile cat and perhaps the most “complete” predator of the Felidae family. Residing only in the Americas, the lone Jaguar figures prominently in local folklore […]

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Adventure VanDwelling – What is it?

Adventure VanDwelling is a little different than just camping or living in your truck. Those who choose Adventure VanDwell often have a nomadic spirit. If the word ‘nomad’ doesn’t intrigue you or jump off the page, then chances are you’re not the nomad type. Wikipedia and most dictionaries generally define a nomad as someone who […]