Home Kitchen

Tips for Choosing Cabinet Hardware

If you are installing new cabinets and countertops, or if you are repairing your old cabinets and countertops, one thing you may want to reconsider is your cabinet hardware. One thing that is always overlooked is kitchen hardware, its knobs and handles, while small, have a huge impact on the overall visual effect of your […]

Legal Law

Parenting Arrangements Today After Divorce

The days when divorced dads would pick up their kids every other Friday night and drive them home to mom on Sunday nights may not be completely over yet, but they’re on the wane. Today’s divorced parents are changing the child custody landscape with ongoing cohabitation, nesting, and other creative and non-traditional co-parenting arrangements. Nesting […]


A look at the types of dog breeds by AKC

When you begin your search to adopt or buy a new dog, you will no doubt want to know what options abound. Right now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of breeds you can choose from, each with its own special characteristics. If you search online for dogs and puppies for sale, you will receive […]