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How to Become a Piano Transcriptionist

Become a Piano Transcriptionist Music transcription is a process of taking a recording and writing it down as a note for note transcription. The process can be done for solo instruments or ensembles. In addition to writing down notes, the process can involve rhythmic analysis and harmonic analysis. If you are interested in learning […]

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How to like exercise

Is exercise a bitter medicine, Do you like vegetables that you eat reluctantly? So you walk on treadmills, climb stairs, and lift weights. Or run cross country in the summer heat. Because someone told you that “you have to” “Burn those calories” and watch what you eat. But they don’t mention that movement is fun. […]

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female masturbation ideas

The best female masturbation ideas are usually the most creative. So if you’re wondering what other women do behind closed doors and how they get turned on, here are some female self-arousal tips that might inspire you to try something new. grinding on a chair Female self-arousal can even be as easy as sitting on […]

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How to eat out but eat smart!

Maybe it’s time for all of us to take an extra minute to examine the healthy options on offer, too, to see the possibilities for a healthier dining experience. I often wonder what the thought process of someone looking at the menu before ordering is, are we going for the larger T-bone steak? Do you […]