Digital Marketing

Writing a great sales brochure

Aside from the importance of creative copy, a successful flyer should be written using the AIDA formula. 1. Get the ATTENTION of your audience 2. Keep your INTEREST 3. Arouse the DESIRE for them to respond, and 4. Push them to take positive ACTIONS 1. Get the ATTENTION of your audience The first, and possibly […]

Lifestyle Fashion

The art of fellatio

There is no way to escape from that. Men love having great oral sex! The art of fellatio (oral sex with a man) makes every man want his lover to be an artist! But he not only wants her to be an artist, he also wants her to be a teacher. Many women avoid oral […]


The German Shepherd Dog – German Lines Or American Lines – Which Are Better?

The German Shepherd dog breed that was born more than 100 years ago has changed enormously since then. This breed has gone in separate directions in Germany and America. Now, German Shepherds raised in Germany have a completely different appearance and a different temperament than those raised in America. Different breeders have different preferences as […]

Real Estate

Husky tile saw

The Husky 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw, Model Number THD750L will probably cost you close to $ 120 at most retailers. I bought mine at Home Depot and am pleased to say that overall I was very satisfied with the purchase, but there are a few things that I would take points away from. First, the […]


Healthy snacks to stay alert at work

Let’s start with a little story … Harish had to attend a very important meeting with the best-selling author in India. The author’s flight was delayed and the meeting that was due to start at 1:00 pm was delayed by one hour. She knew she was cutting it too far, but since she didn’t have […]

Home Kitchen

Choosing the right pool table for you

There is something to be said about buying the right pool table. Buying a pool table is very similar to buying a car. In many ways, you can relate the entire billiard industry to the automotive industry. It’s amazing how many lessons our pool table manufacturers and retailers can learn from the trusted automotive industry. […]