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The pregnant woman’s guide to sexy

Pregnancy is a miracle. Most mothers, or even expectant mothers, will quickly agree. Seeing your little one on his ultrasound, feeling his little hands and feet kicking and exploring, and knowing that you are the life-safety provider he has created are all the wonderful feelings we feel during pregnancy.

At the beginning of my own pregnancy, I was super excited. I had the glow of pregnancy and I couldn’t wait to see my little belly start to pop out. And he always did! By my sixth month, the glow of pregnancy had turned to fever and hot flashes. The extra weight I had put on to support my son was causing my back and joint pain, especially when I slept. I felt bloated and my feet swelled up to half a size!

Before I got pregnant, I loved to dress up and maintain my fitness. She was a girl who loved being a woman and feeling sexy. But when you’re 30 pounds heavier and bloated, it can be very difficult to keep up. When I woke up, the last thing I wanted to do was dress up pretty. Putting on some sweatshirt, a T-shirt, and my hair in a messy bun went much faster.

But I soon realized that dressing like a 40-year-old was not the way to go. I felt unattractive, and when I came out I had these horrible “Oh, she’s a depressed pregnant woman, poor thing” looks. I hated feeling and judgments so I decided to put my blues aside and stop being so dumb.

Pregnancy is beautiful, and it’s time for us to celebrate our tummies, dress them up, and make them sexy.

Here are some quicker changes you can make to instantly shake off the baby blues and feel like the goddess you are again:

1. Keep your eyebrows ready– I know, I know, what? Eyebrows? Yes! Have you ever noticed how when you loosen your brows and let them start to grow, you can put on makeup and style your hair the same way you always do, and still look different? The truth is that when your brows have a clean curve, it instantly cleanses and balances your facial features. Gross overgrown brows grab people’s attention, drawing that attention away from your other fabulous features.

If your brows are shapeless or have grown to a point of no return, drop the $ 6-8 at a salon to have them waxed. You can also have them threaded, which costs a bit more but looks wonderful. Once you have them done, keep them in shape. Use a slanted tip tweezer to remove any hair that has started to grow every few days (but DON’T be happy with tweezers, barley brows aren’t pretty). Try this and you will immediately notice the new open space on your face.

2. Lotion up– I know it can be frustrating bending over in every way to cover yourself with lotion, but it’s worth it. I would suggest using a thick cocoa butter as it is known to decrease or even eliminate stretch marks. Soaping at least twice a day, in the morning and before putting on your pajamas, are good options.

Keeping skin hydrated with lotion will prevent irritation that can cause itchiness when skin is stretched and dry, flaky skin is embarrassing and uncomfortable. Use a delicious scented body butter to feel and smell sexier.

3. Shave!– Keeping your legs soft and silky is a super fast way to feel sexier. Whether you are at home wearing boxers or taking a walk in the park, soft and sexy legs are the best way to declare to your partner or to the whole world that “I am sexy and I am not afraid to show it!”

4. Keep your nails done– This is a great way to feel prettier. Having bitten off, short ugly nails look sloppy. If you have a problem biting your nails, try rubbing garlic on your fingers. Trust me, you will lose that momentum pretty quickly!

You don’t even need to spend a lot of money at a nail salon to get your nails done. Just let them grow a little bit (at least to your fingertips) and keep a layer of beige or light pink polish over them. You can even do your French manicure. I also suggest that you get a cuticle cutter and nail file to keep your nails in shape. Both are only around $ 1.00 at any general store.

If you have a shaky hand, manicures aren’t too expensive in the salon. As long as it’s just a manicure and not some kind of acrylic nails (these damage your real nails a lot anyway), it will usually only cost you between $ 10-20. Some places even offer great packages where you can get a manicure AND pedicure. for about $ 25.

5. Change your hair– Cutting your hair is a great way to feel sexy. With your new hairstyle want to dress up pretty, get ready and go out to show off your new look. Look online or in magazines for the different styles you would like to try. You can go for a big change, like trying a bob cut if you have long hair, or if you are like me and are not willing to give up your long locks, just add some layers or a new style of bangs.

Many women want to know if they can dye their hair during pregnancy, as this would be accompanied by a nice hair change. I would ask your doctor before coloring your hair as they all have different recommendations on whether and when it is safe to do so.

Give these tips a try and I assure you, you’ll be glad you did. Pregnancy is a time to celebrate your femininity and the little miracle in you, not hiding it under baggy clothing and a gloomy presence. Don’t be afraid to be pregnant and be beautiful!

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