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Why Flat Rate MLS is Right for You

For sale by owner or FSBO are those who sell their property on their own with little or no help from real estate brokers. The main reason why there are people who would like to sell their property without the help of a broker is simple, because they want to save on the sale and get more profit from the sale. However, the danger of selling the property on your own, especially if it is your first time selling real estate, is the fact that you do not have the same skills and experience as a real estate broker. On top of that, statistics would show that the majority of those who sell their property on their own as a FSBO fail and re-engage with a real estate broker.

However, today, there is a service that could help a homeowner to sell their property with the help of professionals in the real estate industry without paying a large percentage, but instead would only have to pay a flat fee. This service is called Flat Fee MLS, this service would provide you with various real estate brokerage services that would only require you to pay a flat subscription fee. We have summarized below the different reasons why this service is better for FSBOs.

  1. Provides real estate brokerage services – although as a FSBO you will still have to do most of the work, the flat rate MLS service will provide you with the essentials. Like having your property listed on hundreds of MLS listing sites that only realtors can access. By doing this, you are potentially putting your property in front of thousands, if not millions, of potential and interested buyers.
  2. Flat rate MLS also offers offline services – How do you capture the attention of passers-by who are also potential customers? You place a for sale yard sign on your property. This service can provide you with this service by paying a flat fee. Which means as a FSBO you don’t have to do the yard sign yourself, the flat rate MLS provider will do it for you.
  3. affordable rates – this may be one of the main reasons why as a FSBO you should get this service to help you sell your property. Subscription rates for flat rate MLS are affordable, in fact they start from $99 three month subscription and you get all the services and more.
  4. Great after-sales services – Most reputable flat fee MLS companies would have an after sales service where you can get live customer support when you have issues with your subscription or want to change things on your listing. Not to mention the fact that some providers have a money-back guarantee to make sure you’re protected with the investment you’ve made. Here are some of the reasons why you should use the flat fee MLS service to help you sell your property. Of course, every provider is different and one is always a cut above the other in terms of the services they provide, so you should choose the provider that is reputable and trustworthy.

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