Starscapes Review – Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Making money from a simple proven business is attractive to many of us.

Starscapes create the illusion of the night sky indoors when the lights are off, then return to normal with the lights on. The market is both residential for home theater or bedroom, and commercial for hotels and meeting rooms.

Starscapes International was founded by Joe Petrashek in 1991 in Reno, Nevada and has been a division of Voyager Industries in Arizona since 1994.

To earn money in your own business as a Starscapes owner / applicator, you will need to express creativity and artistry as an “illusionist artist” and learn how to develop ceiling murals with a three-dimensional appearance to accurately represent the night sky.

There is a learning curve involved in hand painting very small details in Starscapes on ceilings. Some have been more satisfied than others with the quality of the training and materials. Popcorn ceilings and fancy themes involve extra difficulty and time. Be sure to exercise due diligence in your investigation of the presentation package and company samples. Equipment, training and artistic ability will be factors in the degree of success.

Recognize that Starscapes involves costs for materials, travel to work sites, equipment, initial investment, sales leads, advertising costs, and standard setup items such as business cards, letterheads and vehicle signs or window wrapping. Extending beyond owner / operator status would require employee hiring, training and management costs. The company allows you to link to its corporate website for easy promotion, but this will also reveal the price you paid.

The Starscapes introductory package includes two demo portals that are the effect applied to the ceiling, a presentation CD to give you an idea of ​​how to present the program to potential clients, sample brochures to give you an idea of ​​how to make your own brochures for distribute. , business card samples and hotel signage samples. Cost in the US is $ 39.95 plus $ 19.95 shipping for a total of $ 59.90. If you like to work with the introductory package, you can purchase the equipment. This includes a plastic dome that projects light onto the ceiling as a guide for painting and a black light activator for painting. These are offered at $ 3,997 and can also be found for $ 3,497. Financing is available interest-free with a down payment of $ 1,495 and 18 payments of $ 195 for a total of $ 5,005. Average retail price for installed system is reported to be $ 4 to $ 8 per square foot, up to $ 12 to $ 18 per square foot with options.

You may want to consider Starscapes if you like to work creatively on project locations, have the ability to create sales opportunities and develop prospects, and effectively manage your business. Also consider whether current economic conditions in commercial or residential real estate could influence your success in marketing this product.

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