What to Expect From a Monte Carlo Yacht Rental

Expect From a Monte Carlo Yacht Rental

Monaco is one of the most famous and exclusive yacht charter destinations in the world. The princely principality is home to a glamorous lifestyle, first class hotels and restaurants, million dollar yachts and a top-notch event calendar. It’s also an excellent destination for exploring the pristine Mediterranean waters by boat.

There is something for everyone in Monaco, from the high end boutiques of Monte Carlo to the stunning Cannes Film Festival and the luxurious beach clubs of Port Hercule. The best way to experience it all is aboard a luxury yacht charter.

The average cost of boat rentals in Monaco varies depending on the type and size of vessel you choose, additional services such as skipper service or canapes and beverages for a sunset cruise, the number of people onboard, and the length of your private yacht charter. For example, a 62-foot motor yacht that accommodates ten people on a day cruise costs around $4,000.

A boat charter is the most affordable option for yachts in Monaco. These boats come with everything you need to sail, including a crew member. You can book a bareboat for as low as $275/day. This is ideal for experienced sailors who would like to take charge of their own private charter.

However, if you’re new to sailing, it’s best to go with a fully-crewed charter. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about navigation or safety.

Sailboats in Monaco run solely on wind, so if the weather turns and you don’t have enough wind to continue sailing, you’ll need to wait for the winds to pick up again. This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve planned an entire week of sailing around the French Riviera.

What to Expect From a Monte Carlo Yacht Rental

Motor boats, on the other hand, have engines that are powered by gas and are thus much more efficient than sailboats. This makes them a more reliable choice for charters in a region like Monaco that has unpredictable weather. Unlike sailboats, which can be a bit difficult to steer, motor boats are easy to maneuver and have a smooth ride.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous experience, charter a trawler or a speedboat. These larger vessels can handle more passengers and can navigate in rough waters with ease. Plus, they have amenities such as a kitchen and shower.

Experience the epitome of luxury with a Monte Carlo yacht rental. Immerse yourself in opulence as you cruise the azure waters of the French Riviera. Expect meticulously maintained vessels equipped with lavish amenities and personalized service tailored to your desires. Explore hidden coves, iconic landmarks, and vibrant coastal towns at your leisure. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, anticipate an unforgettable journey amidst the stunning backdrop of Monte Carlo’s breathtaking coastline.

Once you’ve found the perfect charter, book your trip with Click&Boat and start planning your yachting getaway. You can spend your days shopping in Casino Square, relaxing on the beach and eating at top-notch restaurants. Then, spend the evenings dancing the night away at one of the many buzzing nightclubs in Monaco. If you’re in town for the Grand Prix, you can even catch a glimpse of the race from your yacht!

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