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How to practice oral to your husband

I’m glad you asked

As a wife, you have the opportunity to give your husband incredible pleasure, keep his heart out for you, and protect his mind from wandering. Yes, each of them is not your responsibility per se, but you can help him tremendously in each area through incredible oral sex. I am very glad that you want to learn about oral sex because there are so many benefits that your marriage will be greatly supported by mastering this skill. Here are some details about an oral and personal history to illustrate the points.

He loves it

First, why should you have oral sex? Your husband loves it. He longs for the way your mouth feels on his member. It is a pleasure like no other. The peculiar sensations that her mouth provides along with her hand, face and lips are truly impressive. You also have the opportunity to relax without any performance pressure in the bedroom, and men need it sometimes.

You will love it, eventually

The first step to getting comfortable with anything is learning about it. Then practicing it. It probably won’t be automatic for you to feel comfortable with. (It certainly wasn’t for me!) In fact, it most likely required you to study and learn how your body works and what is the best way to do it. Having said that, having the right mind is the most important part. The main attitude you should adopt is to delight in your member. Just as the wife in Song of Songs 2: 3 said of her husband, “I delight in sitting in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste,” you must delight in his member. His member is very important to him. You really have no idea how important she feels to what’s between her legs. As you decide to desire and love your package, you will be more attracted to and seduced by it. As you see how much it means to your husband to go down with him, you will want to invite him more and more.

Start with your preparation

Being confident is not about being without insecurities. Sure, it is important to work with them. But, many times, our thoughts throughout the day significantly impact how sensual we feel in the evening. If you let your mind compare your body to those of those supermodels, you won’t feel brave and sexy at night. Even though her husband desperately wants to see and enjoy her body. Just before making love (oral or not), prepare to be with your husband. He longs to see you and touch you intimately. Also, a confident woman is much sexier than an insecure one.

Better to give than to receive

Realize that when you give him head, you are giving him a gift that you enjoy. This is not a chore, a “job” or a favor. You want to drive him crazy with pleasure, right? If that’s the case, then (slowly but surely) you will have to convince him that you want to downgrade. I mean, you really want to. If you’ve made mistakes in the past that’s fine, but apologies are needed. Think for a second if the roles are reversed. I bet you wouldn’t let him get anywhere near your precious lady areas if there was a hint of negativity from him (and you shouldn’t). Set your head straight: you can’t wait to give her pleasure, because it is also pleasant for you.

Seduce your mind

I always suggest that you anticipate the event. This is great because both of you are expecting something special and it breaks up any of those awkward “well how do we get started?” feelings. If you have established in advance that you are going to “delight” him that night via text message, for example, you come home excited and anticipated.

Seduction is key

Remember, your husband wants to be seduced by your attractive body. She loves to see you in lingerie (or not at all). He is very attracted to your form and you are able to give him spectacular views during the oral.

Four stages of oral

The four stages of her husband’s orgasm begin with Desire. It all starts in your mind. Next, go to Arousal and Fun Start, which is all about taunts and random keys. Then we get to the rhythm and momentum development stage, where you will be introducing full stroking / sucking techniques. Lastly, it builds from the previous stage in Rapid Pressure to orgasm, increasing in speed and intensity until the wonderful finale. Basically, you want to orgasm from one stage to the next. I would like to tell a little story to illustrate each stage and how the entire process can be understood in context.

ask her

Do not forget that your husband does not look like any other man. Sure, there are many things that he will share with others (that is, his glans, especially the frenulum, are the most sensitive parts of his penis), but he may not like to have his testicles tickled like other men they like it a lot. As you learn more about your particular tastes, you can experiment and discover what makes you feel really good. Ask her. Don’t discount the fact that he knows what you like and will kindly share it if you ask boldly. He may hate something, but he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so put up with it. Just ask.

I would suggest asking in one of two ways. 1) After the experience, ask him what he especially liked. This will give you a great deal of valuable information. 2) Ask him if he would be willing to have an “Oral Training Session” with you. During this, you can slowly go through all of his sensitive areas, discovering and practicing what he really enjoys. Although you will eventually want to bring him to orgasm, otherwise he can get frustrated. The training session might feel like a very long “teasing party”, and it is probably too much for him.

I am grateful that you want to learn about oral sex, because it will be a wonderful addition to your marriage bed. It can make her fall in love with you all over again, every time.

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