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How to become a nuclear force sexual powerhouse

What does it mean to be a sexual powerhouse? It means having the best skills in EVERY facet of your sexual potential.

There are many ways to increase your energy and sexual skills. Some men are content with enlarging their penis; as they feel that this is all they need to please their partner. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t have the sexual stamina to go along with it, what good is it to you? It’s like having an Italian sports car that runs on a 4-cylinder engine from some junker.

To be the ultimate sexual powerhouse, one must address all aspects of the sexual system. That is, if you want to be the best, get the most pleasure from your sexual encounters and please your partner beyond belief. The true potential of a man’s sexual energy, once harnessed, will transform not only his sex life, but all other aspects of his life.

What does it take to really be The last?

A big penis: A man of above-average length and girth is not only physically dynamic and eye-catching; but he has the ability to sexually please his partner more than a man of average or below average size.

Endurance: Being able to please your partner for hours and hours seems impossible, right? Well the truth is out there and it can be done. Tantric exercises teach a man to have the ability to please his partner for hours.

Multi-orgasmic: Women are multi-orgasmic, so why not men too? The ability to have sex multiple times in a day is one of the keys to becoming a sexual dynamo.

Erections on demand: Learning how to create an erection right away is having total mind and body control over your sexual system. They say that the mind is the largest sexual organ. Learning how to connect that to your other sex organs is part of the process of becoming a sexual powerhouse that runs on a fast-reproducing nuclear reactor.

High Semen Volume Output and Intensity: A man who can ejaculate with a volume above average and lightning intensity will not only receive more pleasure during orgasm, but will also be more impressive to his partner. It is a sign of fertility and potency.

These are some of the characteristics of a man who has truly mastered one of the greatest gifts that nature bestowed on man: the ability to enjoy the most pleasurable and intense sex imaginable.

One way to get on your way to becoming a sexual powerhouse is to add zinc to your diet. Zinc works wonders for the quantity and quality of sperm. This means a more seminal volume. See, sperm need seminal fluid to use as a food source in the vagina. The more sperm and healthier you think, the higher production it means.

Another tip is to strengthen your abdominal muscles. They work in conjunction with the muscles of the testicles that cause ejaculation. Weak abs mean weak ejaculation.

What we call this system for creating maximum sexual potency is: IRON MAN PENE. An Iron Man is a man who is the best of his class in any competition. The book, IRON MAN PENIS – The Russian System, describes what it takes for a man to reach this state. Written by a Russian and an American, with years of research and incorporating old Soviet techniques on how to get the most out of any man. Read it, use it and become a sexual powerhouse.


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