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Writing a great sales brochure

Aside from the importance of creative copy, a successful flyer should be written using the AIDA formula.

1. Get the ATTENTION of your audience

2. Keep your INTEREST

3. Arouse the DESIRE for them to respond, and

4. Push them to take positive ACTIONS

1. Get the ATTENTION of your audience

The first, and possibly most important, is the headline.



This headline draws the attention of the audience. It’s short and snappy, and it succeeds in making a bold statement early on. Your audience should now want to know more.

Generally speaking, a successful headline will be one that convinces your audience to keep reading with the belief that your product or service can solve their problem or benefit them.

2. Keep your INTEREST

Well, your headline has caught them and now they are focusing on the nitty-gritty of your message. The tricky part here is keeping their interest so they don’t throw their flyer in the trash before finishing. Choose each word carefully and make sure each of your sentences is clear, effective, and error-free.


“Its powerful absorbent action absorbs hydrocarbons quickly. It requires no ‘high-tech’ application or equipment and leaves no messy residue after extraction.”

Truth along with sincerity and enthusiasm is a key factor. Avoid making exaggerated claims. The sentence above is a powerful motivator – you are telling the audience in a sincere and positive way what the product does and how easy it is to use.

‘Testimonials’ can also be very powerful. They let your audience know that someone else has used the product and that their claims are genuine.


“This is what SP, tool rental manager for well-known UK chain TPR, had to say about Agsorb.

Things always seem to happen in threes. We recently experienced a nasty hydraulic oil spill, a shop floor flooded with motor oil, and a messy gasoline spill. ChemSol suggested we use Agsorb and in no time the easy-to-apply application absorbed all three spills. We now maintain a supply in case of similar mishaps. ‘”

Write conversationally and avoid words and long sentences. Make your message personal so your audience doesn’t feel like you’re talking to thousands of people. Something like the following sentence works fine.


“We are offering you, our valued customer, a fantastic 30-day discount price that will be hard to refuse.”

Also, focus on the money, labor, and time-saving benefits of your product rather than fancy features.


“It is lightweight for easy handling and low transportation costs, and it is not harmful to machinery and equipment.”

“….. and in a short time, the application, which is easy to apply, absorbed all three spills.”

3. Arouse the DESIRE for them to respond

Now you need to turn your audience’s interest into a strong desire to buy. To do this, you need to focus on the ‘product benefits’.


“Agsorb is non-toxic and safe to use. This versatile product absorbs a wide range of organic chemicals in soil and water. It is lightweight for easy handling and low transportation costs.”

Done correctly and effectively, your sales brochure copy should, by now, have your audience ready and waiting to order.

4. Push them to take positive ACTIONS

Now include a direct, clear and unambiguous ‘call to action’. This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people forget this crucial element.


“Agsorb, packed in 25-liter containers, is normally priced at £ 76-25 plus vat. But if you order within the next 30 days, we will leave you a 25-liter container for only £ 56-00 plus vat. including FREE shipping.

To order, call Julie today at … “

The sense of urgency is a good thing. By strongly suggesting that they should respond now, you are motivating them to act in the moment, without delay. Also, any bonus or discount offer will help generate a positive response. The following example is good.


“And if you order more than one container, the price gets even better with just £ 52-00 plus VAT … once again, we will include FREE delivery.

Remember, if you are not completely satisfied with the results of Agsorb, we will refund your money, no questions asked! “

There you have it … AIDA


Four great ways to write a great sales flyer.

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