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The art of fellatio

There is no way to escape from that. Men love having great oral sex! The art of fellatio (oral sex with a man) makes every man want his lover to be an artist!

But he not only wants her to be an artist, he also wants her to be a teacher. Many women avoid oral sex, and many others just don’t know how to do it right. If the man is willing to give guidance, the situation can improve. But in many cases, the man will keep quiet; He is so grateful to receive a blow job that he does not want to analyze the moment too much.

But consider the many benefits of pleasing your man that way. It is a known fact that more than 80% of women only climax with cunnilingus (oral sex with a woman). So, ladies, think about it. If you climax your man with fellatio, what is he going to do? Hopefully he doesn’t fall asleep. Maybe he’ll return the favor and indulge you with some great oral sex too, and you’ll both have a mind-blowing evening. And both of you will be looking forward to the next big night!

Now there is a lot involved in performing a great blow job. You need to learn about the pleasure points, the best hand positions, and the best techniques. Will you learn to double your chances of climaxing with half the job? Don’t take your man’s word for it that you’re doing it right, he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Instead, find out the best techniques and amaze him!

Learning these skills will improve your relationship, because a healthy and fulfilling love life is an integral part of a great relationship. So there are all the incentives to spice up your sex life and take things up a notch.

It can be embarrassing to go to the bookstore for help or see the smile on the postman’s face when a printed book is delivered. This is the perfect time to explore great eBooks on the subject, delivered right to your computer with confidence.

So get ready to please your man tonight!

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