Healthy snacks to stay alert at work

Let’s start with a little story …

Harish had to attend a very important meeting with the best-selling author in India. The author’s flight was delayed and the meeting that was due to start at 1:00 pm was delayed by one hour. She knew she was cutting it too far, but since she didn’t have a large breakfast, she ordered the North Delhi special.dum biryani for lunch; he ate the 500 grams and then swallowed a bottle of soda.

When the bestselling author arrived, Harish placed him in the conference room, ready with his presentation to discuss the marketing approach for his next bestseller that he had prepared after 3 weeks of research and work. The presentation went well. The two shook hands, and just before the bestselling author was about to leave, he said, “By the way, I would appreciate it if you said the name of my book correctly.”

We don’t know what happened next, but Harish never ate. dum biryani after that day. Can we blame the poor? Biryani why did it happen

Ritika Samaddar, a Delhi-based nutritionist, says: “Getting back into your day after a satisfying meal can be challenging. Before you know it, you’re spending 50% of your energy digesting what you’ve just eaten. “.

Heavy lunch is not the only culprit. We usually look for high calorie drinks or junk food available when we are hungry between meals. While we can find comfort in these foods, our health is lost and so is our alertness.

Ritika adds: “However, a large meal is a must for people who are glued to their desks all day; I would advise them to eat small, frequent meals to keep their body sugar and energy levels stable and stay alert.”

Here’s an example of what Ms. Samaddar says qualifies for a healthy snack:

· Egg salad – It’s a combination of good protein and some good fat, making it a healthy protein powerhouse. You can add high-fiber foods, like veggies and lean protein, to make your egg salad even healthier. The protein in eggs will fuel your body for hours, while the fat helps slow digestion, leaving you feeling full and energized for longer.

Mumbai favorite Pilates and nutrition expert Madhuri Ruia says, “Eat healthy and make sure your family does too.”

So what makes snacking easy, in your opinion? Here are the two quick examples he gave:

· Raw vegetables – It’s easy to ditch the unhealthy package of snacks available at the convenience store when you decide to stock up on a container of fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, bell pepper, cabbage, and cherry tomatoes. Raw vegetables fill you up due to their high water and fiber content, and if you put them with homemade tomato sauce, it also brings out the flavor.

· Dried fruit – You should always have a bag of nuts at work. Eating these foods keeps you alert and helps avoid the grogginess that accompanies your regular “comfort” foods. Almonds are ideal. There are multiple almond benefits such as: the walnut is a rich source of vitamin E, fiber and protein and many other important nutrients. The walnut can be roasted for texture and mixed with light spices for flavor and flavor. Roasting them is easy and only takes a few minutes. They can be stored easily and are perfect for those hunger pangs between meals.

Shreya Goel is a nutritionist and dietician from Chandigarh. Since she’s so busy all day, we asked her what she does to fix those premature hunger pangs.

· Fresh fruit – Store a container with fresh fruits such as apples, pears, cherries, bananas, and grapes. According to her, fruits are the best snacks for anyone who wants to eat healthy. They are full of natural carbohydrates and natural sugar, so you feel full without consuming many calories and you do not feel sleepy as they are light on your belly.

· Whole wheat pita and hummus -Whole wheat pita bread contains many vitamins and minerals and fewer calories than whole wheat bread. Club than with hummus, and the two make a delicious, light, healthy and a easy snack set up

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