The long way back

My, my, my … It’s a long way back … In June 2017, I was in a terrible speed race accident near Asheville, North Carolina. Broken right clavicle, 3 broken ribs and a partially perforated lung with a Neuro Thorax and a Heme Thorax. I spent two days in the hospital on oxygen. I have […]


The magic of storytelling

We all tell stories all the time. It is an important part of how we get along with other people. We tell jokes, we talk about what we’ve been up to, and we make up stories to entertain others. The ‘personal narrative’, where children tell stories about their own experiences, is an important part of […]


6 Ways Great Leaders Evaluate Budget Spending!

After more than four decades of personal involvement, in almost everything related to leadership, from identification and qualification, to training, development and consulting of thousands of real and / or potential leaders, I have reached a strong point I think leaders need to take budgets and the budget process more seriously! Very few of these […]