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How to perform oral sex on women

Men who have not had oral sex with women should do their research first before doing so, if they don’t want it to end in disaster. Women have a different build than men, and what might be satisfying for you can be irritable for her. The vagina has a complex structure and discovering it without seeking information can lead to embarrassment and frustration at not having to live up to your expectations.

When performing oral sex on a woman, the general rule of thumb is to make sure she is conditioned for it. You can’t just go down on her without her body being relaxed. This could possibly even turn her off and you could lose the opportunity to satisfy her in the future. Play soft music, massage her, or whatever conditions her body. Make her feel relaxed and comfortable, this will set the mood for the night ahead.

When you perform oral sex on her, begin the process by gently kissing and pecking her vagina. Don’t rush to the clitoris just yet, make her feel your love. When you cover the entrance to her vagina, move (kissing and licking) her lips and spend time on each side so she can savor the moment. If her moan and body expression suggest you can go further, it’s time to bring her clit to your mouth. Suck it gently. Most women like it when you move your tongue over and around her clit.

Although the instructions above are one way to practice oral sex with a woman, there are more effective ways to do it. In our search for different techniques, we came across Michael Webb’s book, Lick for lick. We discover different techniques that most men are unaware of. The book also corrects our misconceptions and incorrect techniques when performing cunnilingus in the women.

The Lick by Lick book is really useful if you want to fully satisfy your woman in bed. Michael Webb has written eleven books on love and relationships, all of them successful. The book is not available in any bookstore, so you must buy it on their site. And his book Lick by Lick provides expert information on how to satisfy your woman by becoming a professional in cunnilingus. It is your duty as a man to please your woman in bed, and you can become a better lover by reading the book.

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