A look at the types of dog breeds by AKC

When you begin your search to adopt or buy a new dog, you will no doubt want to know what options abound. Right now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of breeds you can choose from, each with its own special characteristics. If you search online for dogs and puppies for sale, you will receive a lot of information and it can be a bit confusing. That’s why many look beyond that and instead focus on dog club listings from around the world. There are several organizations that work within dog clubs as they provide classifications and breed information on each type of dog. One of those options is the American Kennel Club.

The AKC Foundation

The AKC or American Kennel Club was founded in 1884 and is a premier registry for purebred dogs of a certain pedigree in the United States. Keeps records of ancestry and much more when it comes to canines. They are part of the largest World Canine Organization outside of Belgium. Based on their classifications, many show dogs are allowed to advance with full appreciation. At first, before changing gears, the kennel club focused on breeding greyhounds, specifically for racing. However, that changed when the Westminster Kennel Club Show began to take off in the early 1900s.


As with other kennels, the American Club only recognizes a certain number of breeds on its listings. As of this writing, they only cover 187 breeds and are classified into several different groups. Each with its own characteristics. While there may be changes to the rankings and the list, it usually doesn’t change much. Of the 187 races, they focus on the following groupings.

Sports group
Group of hounds
Terrier group
Group of toys
Herding group
Non-sports group
Miscellaneous class
Foundation Stock Service (FSS) Program

The groupings mentioned above have not changed since 2011. However, it is not uncommon for new options to merge decades apart.

Health elements

A note of interest regarding the American Club is the frequency of health problems found within the breeds. Purebred dogs within the classifications of this kennel have 25% more health problems and genetic problems inherited from their ancestry. This has generated a lot of criticism, as other dog clubs around the world do not have the same kinds of problems.

AKC and the law

Another great element to highlight is in regards to the legislation in the United States. You will find that the kennel club is lobbying legislators to help reduce online sales, illegal breeding, and much more. They have worked to stop puppy mills and much more, and they continue to push for the good of dogs, not just purebreds, but all dogs that are adopted, bred, sold, and displayed in the United States. The American Kennel Club really does focus on the welfare of all dog breeds in several different arenas, not just show dogs, which is definitely a bonus.

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