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The fascination of the unknown

Why does a person believe in the paranormal? After all, in this age of constant scientific advancement and technology, one might hope that such beliefs no longer exist. Quite the opposite! The paranormal world became very popular lately. Many TV shows, movies, books, and websites are dedicated to the topic. If nothing else, this abundance only confirms the current interest in the paranormal.

Every aspect of the paranormal had its moment in the spotlight. Witch hunting from the 15th to the 18th century, UFO around the First and Second World War, Spiritism or communication with spirits in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Despite the various trends that existed throughout the centuries, humans have been drawn to the unknown, the incredible, the inexplicable since the beginning of time.

Once the stronghold of eccentric and quirky characters, interest in the paranormal has now become mainstream. Proof of this are hugely popular shows like NBC’s Medium and CBS’s Ghost Whisperer. In this age when science has explained most of the mysteries of the past, this fascination with the paranormal world could translate into a need to wonder. When Christopher Columbus crossed the ocean, there were still opportunities to marvel. What was on the other side of this stretch of water? Did those fantastic animals described in the story of the explorers really exist? Was there life on the moon? Today, all those questions have been answered and the field of the unknown is getting smaller and smaller.

All that remains for the curious but unscientific mind is the paranormal. There have been many attempts to prove or disprove ghosts, UFOs, telepathy, conversations with the spirit world, and other inexplicable phenomena. However, no one managed to give a definitive answer to any of these mysteries despite having tried for a long time. There are many theories about the paranormal, but none are considered definitive. It is this uncertainty that keeps interest in these mysteries alive. There is no answer and one can still wonder and theorize. New continents and unexplored areas of the world that fascinated our ancestors have been replaced by otherworldly kingdoms where much remained to be discovered and explained.

While not many people will admit to a sincere and consistent interest in the paranormal, everyone will lend an attentive, if discreet, ear to such fantastic stories. Everyone will ask “what if?” Some may laugh and declare loud and clear that ghosts, witches, or vampires are just bullshit, but they’ll listen anyway. No one can really escape the speculations surrounding the paranormal. It is human to want to know and understand.

That is this ability to wonder, imagine and dream that gives human beings their humanity. The firm belief that the world around the human being is not enough and is not limited to what can be seen is one of the characteristics that make the human being human. Belief in God and other creatures and phenomena outside of this world is part of becoming an evolved, intelligent, and thinking being.

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