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Twenty Cebuano English Quotes You Can Use To Communicate With Your Filipino Friend

Have you ever tried to learn a language? Wasn’t it extremely tedious to do it? Are you learning too many things at once when you just want to start speaking the language? Have you ever found yourself learning things that you just don’t need at all? The following Cebuano quotes in English will help you learn Cebuano while being able to use the phrases almost immediately. Since this list contains phrases that you would actually use when dating the Philippines

1. Are you angry?

“Nasuko kaba?”

2. Can you be my lover?

“Mahimo bang panggaon ko ikaw?”

3. Can I have your phone number?

“Mahimo bang pangayuon ang imong number sa telepono?”

4. Can you help me please?

“Mahimo bang tabangan mo ako?”

5. Are you in love with me?

“Nakagusto ka ba kanako?”

6 Do you love me?

“Gihigugma mo ba ako?”

7. Do you love someone else?

“Duna ka bay laing (lain nga) gihigugma?”

8 Do you miss me?

“Gimingaw ka ba kanako?”

9. Do you love someone else?

“Duna ka bay laing (lain nga) gihigugma?”

10. Every day I miss you more.

“Gikamingawan ko ikaw sa pagpanglabay sa mga adlaw”.

11. Do you study any language?

“Nagtuon ka ba’g bisag unsang pinulungan?”

12. Do you want to go out tonight?

“Taste ka bang (kaba nga) musuroy karong gabii?”

13. Do you work?

“Nagtrabaho ka ba?”

14. How are you?

“Kumusta ka?”

15. I adore you.

“Gisimba ko ikaw”.

16. I adore you my love.

“Gisimba ko ikaw gugma ko”.

17. I adore you passionately

“Gisimba ko ikaw uban sa bug-bone kong kasingkasing”.

18. I always think of you.

“Gihunahuna ko ikaw kanunay”.

19.I love you with all my heart.

“Gihigugma ko ikaw uban sa bug-bone kong kasingkasing”

20. I love you with all my soul.

“Gihigugma ko ikaw uban sa hingpit kong pagkamao”.

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