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“Make the HEART of this people thick, and fatten their EARS, and close their eyes, lest they see with their EYES, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and they may turn and be healed” Isaiah 6:10

“Because the HEART of this people has grown thick, and their EARS are deaf to hear, and their eyes have closed; lest at some point they see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and not understand . convert, and I will heal them “Mat 13:15

There are three dimensions of marketing: backdoor marketing, backdoor marketing, and supernatural marketing. Much of what is known and practiced in the market is door-to-door marketing! Very little is known about backdoor marketing and much less about supernatural marketing! In general marketing, the “Eyes”, “Ears” and “Heart” of potential customers are the main targets of all marketing efforts.

These three goals are the key to prosperity and lack of companies and their products and / or services on the market! If these three important goals of your potential customers are closed to your products and / or services, you and your business will suffer from neglect, lack, insignificance and poverty in the market. On the contrary, if these three goals are opened in favor of your products and / or services, you and your company will enjoy unprecedented patronage, abundance, importance and prosperity.

Satan is mandated to close the “eyes”, “ears” and “hearts” of potential customers / clients in the marketplace against your business, products and / or services because you are a Christian doing business in the marketplace. This explains why many Christians struggle with business in the marketplace! Supernatural marketing seeks to help Christians doing business in the marketplace to overcome this siege of the devil.

Why Your Prospect’s Ears, Eyes, and Heart Are So Important!

There are six fundamental reasons why your prospect’s ears, eyes, and heart are so important!

Let’s see them!


The first purpose of marketing is “visibility”. Marketing makes your product or service perceptible or perceptible to the eyes, ears, and mind of your target customer or customer, depending on the medium you employ. The eyes and ears are doors of the “Mind” of man. The more people see or hear about your product or service, the more it will become ingrained in their mind until it is deeply ingrained. Because your product or service is a seed in this early stage of marketing, it soon begins to germinate when your marketing efforts are sustained.

If an organization maintains its marketing effort, it will soon pay off. Take note, the human response rate differs based on your personality. The reserved (introverts) are laggards, naturally inclined to drag their feet. In contrast, extroverts (extroverts) are naturally inclined to respond to your marketing effort first.

The reasoning above assumes that if you don’t embark on sustained, focused, and targeted marketing, your products and services will be ignored by the public and that could lead to eventual stagnation or collapse of your business.


Visibility of your product or service in the mind of your target customer over time creates an awareness in the “heart” of your target customers when sustained and energetic marketing is the keyword. Remember, conviction takes place in the heart. Until the customer is convinced in their heart to accept your product and service, there will be no patronage and repeat purchases, which is the goal of every entrepreneur.

When you emphasize the unique value proposition or unique selling point of your product or service long enough through sustained marketing, your target group will understand its usefulness and this is how you create a buzz and frenzy in the market.

When the public is convinced in their heart that your product or service is the first and best option, they will respond willingly and positively to your organization’s offers and that is what will ultimately attract your customers to you, when he or she has ” Genuine “need for your product or service.


When your product or service projects strong enough in the minds of your target customers through sustained marketing; It takes root in their minds! After some time, because the product or service remains constantly focused, you begin to believe that the benefits of the product or service are real. It won’t be long before you get a suggestion from your mind to try the product or service.

Unconsciously, the customer has accepted the product or service due to the conviction in his mind that it is worth a try. Now, at this point, if the product or service is worth it, when the customer tries it, they are convinced that the product or service is worth it. When the customer makes another effort to sponsor the product or service again, they will be hooked because in the mouth of two or three witnesses, each product is established in the heart of the customer!


The resulting effect of the visibility, knowledge and conviction of your product or service by your target customers is a positive “mindset”, created by the Holy Spirit, that your product or service is credible, credible and worthy of. trust and therefore customers. You accept it as true and eventually prefer it over other products and services.

The question to ask yourself is, when people generally think of using the type of product or service you are offering on a scale of 1 to 3, where does your offering rank? Instructively, the product or service that occupies the first two rungs of the scale will be more favored in the order of its classification. It is your responsibility to bring your product or service to this position!

Assuming that the product you are offering in the market is a detergent and we have 50 potential customers in your “coverage area”, and that it varies in scope, who want to buy one for each. When you think of the best and preferred detergent to buy, where is your company’s brand in your mind? The position of your brand in their minds will be determined by three factors: the quality of your marketing, the quality of your product, and your customer service.


Sustained marketing gives your product or service a positive flight that propels it above others in your industry. Persistent marketing roots your brand permanently in the hearts of your target customers. When the image or brand identification is ingrained in the hearts of your target customers; Once they’ve used your product or service and found it satisfying, they’ll get used to it over time, making it a first choice in your decision-making process.


When steps 1 through 5 assume a rhythmic flow in the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, your products and services will begin to reach more homes, hands, and families. Over time, the distribution of your product or service begins to expand and spread over a wide sphere due to visibility, awareness, conviction, acceptance, and branding.

Your customers will begin to advertise your products and services by word of mouth to friends, neighbors, and family. This is because they are satisfied with your product or service, because they believe that your organization has delivered on its promises!

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