How to create your own Flash Arcade website in a few easy steps

1) The first step in creating your own arcade flash website is choosing a domain name. One key to a successful domain name is to keep it short and concise. You want it to be easy to remember so that a user can remember the name and find it easily. Therefore, the domain name should be a maximum of 3-4 words. It is also important that you choose a “.com” domain because these domains are the most trusted by users and generally have the highest ranking. After choosing a domain name, you will need to register the domain. You can use a variety of websites to register a domain name, including Godaddy, Bluehost, and Fatcow. It doesn’t really matter which website you choose and I usually choose the one that offers the best price.

2) After choosing a domain name for your flash arcade, the next step is to find the right hosting to host your domain. I recommend starting with shared hosting first, as this type of hosting is the most affordable and you won’t need a lot of server resources to get started as you will have low bandwidth usage because your site won’t have many visitors at first. You’ll also want to make sure your host provides you with PHP 5 and SQL databases because your fun game site will need a database to function. Some shared hosting providers are: Bluehost, Hostgator, and Stablehost.

3) Now is the time to choose an Arcade script to run your site. There are many different arcade scripts and I will introduce you to some of the most popular flash game scripts. The first script is Onarcade. This is my favorite because it’s so easy to use, looks amazing, and is SEO optimized. A The only downside to this script is the price, as it costs $ 60. However, don’t let this affect your decision. It’s still the best script out there because it’s regularly updated, has great support, lots of templates, and new mods are added weekly. Some other popular scripts that you can also check out are AV Arcade, Arcade Trade Script, and Game Site Script. These are all very good scripts and I am sure you will be satisfied with the script you choose.

4) After selecting your script, it is time to install it on your hosting space. This is pretty straightforward, and a readme file is usually included with each script detailing how to install it on your server. The high-level steps you will take are uploading the files to your server using an FTP client like Filezilla. Once the files are uploaded, you will need to create a database and user using PHP My Admin on your hosting CPANEL. After the database is created, you will need to run the installer script to complete the installation.

5) Once your Fun Games site is up and running, you will need to find some free online games to add to your site. There are many sites that offer free games that you can use and I will list them: Free games for your website, Crazy Monkey Games, and Mochi Media are some of the biggest sites that offer free games.

6) Now that you have a site up and running where people can play games online for free, it’s time to drive some traffic your way. I advise you to read some books / articles on SEO to see how you can rank your site in the top 10 for certain keywords. You will need to conduct keyword research using a tool like the AdWords Keyword Tool. You will also need to create backlinks to your site by posting to blogs / forums / etc …

7) After completing these steps, you will have a basic Flash Games website up and running. I hope you enjoyed my guide and if you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will try to answer them in a timely manner.

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