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Simple Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Quickly

If you want to give your outdated kitchen a new look, you can do one project at a time and in just a few weekends. There are many things you can do if you are renovating your kitchen or just trying to modernize a cooking space. Treat these ideas as weekend projects and you could be on your way to a new kitchen.


With so many color and texture options, paint is a great place to start with your kitchen updates. Get creative when choosing your colors and get one that reflects your personality. Better Homes and Gardens offers great kitchen color coordinated images that will arm you with a list of ideas.


One way your kitchen can look dated is with stained and cracked Formica. Replacing a countertop is a great DIY project that doesn’t have to be expensive. Many building supply houses offer beautiful laminate countertop sheets that can be cut to fit without replacing the entire countertop. Modern laminate is lightweight and comes in designer colors, styles, and finishes.

Cabinet Hardware

There are a variety of hardware designs, shapes, and colors that can instantly change the look of your kitchen. You can match your style by coordinating the pulls and drawer handles. The new door hinges also give the cabinets a sleek, modern look. Updating your kitchen drawers with new soft-close sliders or hinges that will improve their performance.

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts

Replacing the doors and drawer fronts will give the appearance of new cabinets. You can choose a simple wooden design and add glass inserts for a modern look. You can create a country kitchen with chicken wire inserts or fabric panels. The possibilities are endless for the new styles that you can create with different doors or drawer fronts. The HGTV website offers a great step-by-step video on door replacements.

Home appliance panels

Another simple kitchen upgrade option is coordinating appliance panels that can create a new look for your kitchen and can also be completed quickly. If you have mismatched appliances, there are several types of panel colors, including stainless steel and even slate panels.

Illumination artifacts

Replacing light fixtures will also modernize your kitchen space and can be easily completed. Consider track lighting, spotlights, or under-cabinet task lighting. Dimmer switches can bathe your work area in needed light or create the perfect setting for a midnight snack.

Sink and faucet

There are many types of sinks available, whether you want stainless steel, bottom mount, top mount, or cast iron. Your sink and faucet should complement each other and also meet your needs. Your building supply store will have a variety of faucet and sink types and colors.

Updating your kitchen is usually thought of as a long-term project. But with these simple tips, you can modernize your kitchen in record time.

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