Quick tips for decluttering your home

We all know that it takes two to three hours to clean a house, but when you’re busy with your job, your kids, or your dog or cat, sometimes it’s impossible to find that time. If you only have ten or twenty minutes to spare, you could use that time to clean a room or two. When you finish your cleaning fast, you have more time to do more of the things you enjoy most.

Prepare to do the task at hand:

If you have children, ask them to go around the house and pick up toys, shoes, and any mess that is on the floor and ask them to put them in their proper place. Meanwhile, you can go assembling your cleaning supplies. Carry your cleaning supplies in a portable cart. Along with your regular cleaning supplies, your cart should also include: an old toothbrush (for hard-to-clean areas and hard-to-reach places) and all-purpose wipes (for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces in one motion).

Your bathroom:

Put your bath rugs in the washing machine before you start, they’ll be ready to dry halfway through your tasks. Vacuum the floor, remove any stray hairs from the tub. Remove dirt and soap scum around sink faucets and hard-to-reach areas with that old toothbrush, then spray with your disinfectant cleaner and wipe with a dry rag. That toilet seat can be cleaned with your all-purpose wipes.

Your form of input:

Shake out doormats and sweep steps. Clean front door windows inside and out with a non-streak glass cleaner. Polish the skid plates and clean the doorknobs. Clean dirt from baseboards and door frame. Clean handprints off your light switch.

Your kitchen:

Do the washing up. If you’re not using that countertop appliance, put it away somewhere, remove the other appliances from the wall so you can clean the surfaces around them, and put them back. Clean all surfaces, including cabinets and the refrigerator. Pass a mop or electrostatic cloth over the floor.

Your Bedrooms:

Make the bed, organize the mess, pick up the clothes from the floor and put them in the basket. Keep the paperwork in a folder so you can review it later.

Your Family Area:

Pick things up off the floor, straighten sofa cushions, and fluff pillows. Vacuum the floor. Dust the lampshades.

Remember that this is not the time for your deep cleaning, you can do it on a rainy day. Look, you can do a room or two in ten or fifteen minutes. Be sure to turn on your phone ringer, cell phone, and TV because they can be distracting and you can get more done and move faster if you’re not worried about what’s going on in “Jerry Springer” or “Judge Judy,” and so much more. minus what that pesky telemarketer wants, oh yeah, that’s Jill texting you about how “she’s bored at work again.” Now that all of this is out of your mind, you can focus on the mission at hand.

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