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Polar FT7 and Polar Ft4 heart rate monitors overview

The Polar brand has been around in the heart rate monitor market for over 30 years. His experience and knowledge in the industry is second to none. With advancements in technology and other well-known sports and watch brands such as Nike and Timex joining the market, Polar has been able to stay one step ahead of the rest. Other well-known brands like Omron and Garmin have launched some really innovative heart monitor watches to try and get Polar off the top of the mountain. To counter this, Polar just released two really cool heart monitors that have already been a hit. These are the Polar FT4 and Polar FT7 heart watches.

Polar FT4 Insight heart rate monitor

The Polar FT4 is truly extraordinary training equipment. Features include a display of calories and energy that is burned during workouts. It also tells you if your fitness training is up to your heart rate or vice versa. It is ergonomically constructed for user comfort and comes with a large screen for easy viewing.

Also included with the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch is a comfortable textile chest strap that provides more accurate heart rate data. It also helps cancel intercom from other heart rate monitor watches and wireless devices. In addition to these features and more, the Polar FT4 is also waterproof.

Polar FT7 Heart Monitor watch review

The Polar FT7 is very similar, in terms of features and functions, to the Polar FT4 heart watch. Since its launch, the Polar FT7 has been a hit with health and fitness enthusiasts around the world. With similar design features to the FT4, this heart monitor also has a wide screen and touch button operations. The heartbeat or heart rate is measured in beats per minute and provides readings for calories and energy that are burned during workouts.

The Polar FT7 also provides target heart rate zones to train in and has visual and audio alarms that warn the user if they have left these zones. The new and unique Energy Pointer feature tells the user if their training and workouts lean more towards burning fat or improving fitness. The Polar FT7 is also waterproof and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re looking for a Polar heart monitor watch to aid you in your training and workouts, look no further than the new Polar FT4 or Polar FT7 heart watches.

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