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Nudist images-Exotic stories without images-Beautiful women in competition- A poem about erotic art, ‘Mine’

Nude photos

Free exotic stories

Beautiful women in competition

Beautiful women art

tasteful, yes I try.

I paint them

reflect on its pleasures on my canvas.

It worries me

freight a lot

go back and forth

model for my own work

Worry a little more.

I feel elusive from the screaming inside of me.

The Grim Reaper’s works of art sometimes crawl.

Exotic erotic dance?

Yes, I have also painted it.

I’m sorry

solve your illusions

As I turn away and watch myself

As I taste my own wings

I sing

or see my own death?

I am paralyzed in my pleasures

Or is it the lack of them?

Inside someone

that is not my own self.

Do I find that I am breathing dust?

a life lived by another

from their closets well excited?

Free exotic stories

in exotic lingerie?

In fact, beautiful women compete.

Naked women line these walls of mine

How do I know them or me?

Or a new self-perception?

Can I weigh them fairly?

Can I see my own flesh in this tunnel?

It may be so …

maybe I can feel my own measurements.

What is old to them

new to me

and while I stay still

I see

and hear my own cries of childbirth.

I protest

Or do I see an opportunity to know?

These confusions brought to the surface

these tin houses

grim reapers for some

these fragile flowers of grace


I thought that I could keep in my

that ghost like a treasure

I am always trying to define.

I grab my coat and tape my fingers

ballast I smell the rain has been deserted.

Drink afternoon tea

I embrace my corner of this world.

Holding the elegance

a single leaf from any tree you see

that feeling of miracles

it is cradled by the love of beauty.

These naked bodies

of beautiful women

Uninhibited song.

Do roses have calluses?

I thought its petals were brittle.

Perhaps when they danced they hardened their eyes.

Those eyes on me

my sweet lily

don’t lose a single dream of yours.

I will always host ships that sail

and feathers that meet the wind

despite the photos I have taken.

Nude photos

Free exotic stories

Beautiful women in competition.

Beautiful women art

tasteful, yes I try.

I paint them

and later?

I reflect on its pleasures on my canvas.


April 01, 2008

A continuation of this poem,

Free nude pictures and exotic stories are the subject of the poem above. It’s about my judgment struggle, obviously my own self in this endeavor and others about me. We are all trying to figure out what it is that we can and will allow in our lives that will actually define us. I am as human as you. You found this poem because you are looking for a certain message or even a certain high. That is not bad. Beautiful women in competition are not always followed by a grim reaper. Being comfortable with our own sexuality is not a bad thing either. Deciding to publish nude photos, in my case paint them? Beautiful women’s art, free exotic stories, yeah I guess I’m hugging them.

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