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Memory foam: the secret ingredient in adjustable orthopedic beds

If you’ve ever sat on an orthopedic bed, you’ve likely been pleasantly surprised by the ridiculous levels of comfort they provide. If you haven’t had the pleasure then you really need to try them. Most of the credit for the extreme comfort and muscle support benefits of these beds goes to one of their main components: memory foam. To learn more about this miraculous material, read on:

What does memory foam do?

In case you are a newbie to the world of memory foam, you better know what you do. It is made of a special material that molds to the shape of your body when you are on it. Once you get up, the foam will return to its original position. There are different densities of foam available on the market, which directly affects how quickly it will return to its original shape.

What gives it these properties?

Well, the main ingredient in a memory foam mattress is that well-known polyurethane substance. However, additional chemicals are also added to the mixing vessel that increase the density and give it its “memory” properties. You may also find that the foam is called ‘memory foam’ polyurethane foam, although they are both the same.

How does it support the body?

Memory foam has decades of scientific validation for its supportive effects on the human body. The nature of the material makes it “hug” you while you sleep. By doing this, the foam causes much less stress on the muscles than a typical mattress. Since we spend around a third of our lives sleeping in beds, it’s not a huge revelation to tell you that most of the muscle aches and pains we experience are due to our mattress and bed.

People who have suffered from back pain and other pain are using memory foam mattresses to improve their quality of life. Many doctors and physical therapists recommend it for its benefits. Not only is it good for relieving aches and pains; it is also great for preventing future aches and pains by promoting good posture.

Where he came from?

The memory foam came from outer space … almost. In fact, it was carefully developed by NASA experts to provide additional protection and support for your astronauts. That was in 1966, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that memory foam was released to the public for use in mattresses and other orthopedic furniture. Today, foam is used around the world for its health benefits.

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