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How to please a woman with your tongue – Take her to orgasm paradise with your tongue

Pleasing a woman in bed and bringing her to orgasm is what every man aspires to achieve when making love. In order to please a woman in bed, you must understand her needs and desires.

Oral sex is physically better for a woman than fingering. Her fingers are hard, dry and irritated. On the other hand, your mouth is warm and moist. Much more important, oral sex is psychologically better. This explains why many women love to receive cunnilingus from men.

When you know how to please a woman with your tongue, you can easily take her to orgasm heaven. Now let me share with you some tips on how to use your tongue to please a woman:

1. Don’t start in the bedroom. If you want to increase the chance that she will have an orgasm, don’t suck her in the bedroom. Get creative and give him a little surprise. Women orgasm easily when they can’t anticipate your movements.

2. Relax her. When a woman is stressed, she can’t orgasm. So before you put it in, relax it. Give him a quick massage or a shoulder rub.

3. Ignore her vagina first. Don’t go down with her yet. Prolonged foreplay will increase the chance of her orgasm. Caress, kiss and touch her erogenous zones such as breasts, inner thighs, neck, shoulders, earlobes, etc.

4. Not too much on the clitoris. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. When you’re on top of her, don’t lick or touch her clit too much.

5. Give him oral sex. Cunnilingus or oral sex for women is the best way to take them to orgasm paradise. Countless studies have shown that oral sex is easier and far more satisfying for women than intercourse. Try the ABC’s or the tongue sweep method. I’m pretty sure your wife will like it.

Using your tongue to please a woman is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. There are other ways to increase intimacy and sexually please your woman. Visit the website below now for weekly lovemaking tips to please your woman:

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