3 super fun summer activities for kids

Summer is probably most children’s favorite season. School is out, the sun is out, and all the fun is definitely over! If you don’t have plans for a vacation, beach trip, and summer camp scheduled, there are still plenty of ways to keep enjoying yourself even when you’re home. What matters to your children is that you enjoy the activities with them!

Keep your little ones entertained with these 3 super fun summer activities for kids:

Create an indoor obstacle course

Children love a good challenge. And they have a lot of energy to burn. An obstacle course is the perfect activity for active little ones. Even an indoor one would work great!

Glue some yarn back and forth in hallways to create a “laser maze”, cover a table with a blanket (covering the sides) to make a “tunnel”, install sofa cushions to create barriers for crawling or jumping and more. Better yet, let the youngsters create their own obstacle course to keep their minds busy too!

Introduce drops of water

If you don’t know what water pearls are, they are small, colorful hard pearls that, when left for hours in a bowl of water, turn into soft, squishy balls. The longer they are soaked in water, the more they will bounce and become bigger. Water beads are great for sensory play (and therapeutic for adults, too!).

Place the water beads in any clear container and let the children explore it with their hands. Place some of your bath toys in the bowl for added fun. If you bought a lot of water beads, a fun activity to try is a water bead bath. Fill a small inflatable pool with water, put the kids in their bathing suits, and have fun right in the water!

make home movies

In an age where most of the kids love to watch their favorite videos on YouTube, it would be very exciting for them to star in their own video. Walk them through the planning, but let them execute everything from writing the script to what they want to do in the video. They could tell a joke, open a package, or act out a story. Edit, upload it to any video app, and then gather the whole family in the living room for the movie or video “premiere,” popcorn and all!

The summer season can still be fun, even if you stay indoors. Try these super fun summer activities for kids!

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