How did Jonathan Budd help my online network marketing business?

In this article I will try to share with you a review of Jonathan Budd and how he achieved success in online network marketing.

He came into this industry as a college student with no business experience and very few contacts. What he did have, however, was a burning desire for success. If there really is a poverty-to-wealth story in our industry, it is Jonathan Budd. Jonathan Budd, in his first network marketing venture, struggled big because he encountered many of the same problems that we all face when trying to build a business like this. The root of that problem is what to do when we run out of warm market prospects to talk to. Jonathan did what a lot of network marketers do and that is go to his cold market.

For the average dealer, this is very frustrating. It takes incredible drive and persistence to overcome the massive amount of rejection you will face. This is a key reason why many people leave a network marketing business.

Jonathan Budd, thankfully, didn’t quit and eventually went online to build his business and it was the best decision he ever made. He has been the top producer in at least two network marketing companies. He is also an info-entrepreneur. That is, you have created some of the industry’s leading informational products in online network marketing. He has also become a massive leader training and instructing other entrepreneurs on how to build a network marketing business using technology.

If someone really wants to be a leading MLM producer in their company, there is no better example (in my opinion) than Jonathan Budd. It’s funny, it actually started by making tons of videos and uploading them all over YouTube. He did this until YouTube closed his YouTube channel.

It was a bummer because it had some great videos. However, Jonathan recovered and now produces and shares videos primarily through his online blog. This is the wonderful thing about online network marketing. You can really diversify your business and not just rely on your business opportunity or a single income stream.

Of everything Jonathan Budd has done online, I think the thing that stands out the most for me is his wealth of valuable content that he shares for FREE. He is truly a force to be reckoned with in this industry and will constantly be at the forefront.

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