Homeowner’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

Although there are many joys in owning a home, owning a home means taking on a lot of responsibilities, especially in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Each season, a smart homeowner proceeds, in an organized manner, to address minor issues before they become major issues. We often talk about Spring Cleaning, but when you own a home, it’s wise to think beyond just cleaning and reducing clutter, but also tackling certain preventative maintenance, repairs, etc., to get the most out of it. . bang – for – the – buck, and protecting what, for most people, is the largest and only financial asset. This article will briefly examine and discuss 5 specific areas.

1. Wardrove: Styles change, tastes to vary, and not everything, we buy it, we still like it and want it! Instead of excessively cluttering your closets and often not being able to find what you are looking for, it is smarter and more efficient / effective, to tidy up and organize your closets! Does your closet / cabinets serve your best purpose, efficiently and effectively, or could you make them serve your purposes better? Wise homeowners often install or have professionals install closet systems, which organize and make their home appear neater, etc.

two. Inside: Wear and tear is often a normal development, especially in the interior sections of a home. Take advantage of this change in season and weather conditions to inspect, where it makes sense, to either make certain changes and / or updates, or simply even touch up the paint, etc. Make this affordable by doing a little, at a time, and budgeting accordingly!

3. Exterior: Inspect the exterior of the home for cracks, blemishes, or any areas that may have suffered and / or abused by the severity of the colder winter season. Especially examine the roof, leaders and gutters, drains, etc., and repair as necessary. Prune any hanging trees, clean windows, power wash and repair apparent cracks, etc.

Four. Gardens: Look at paved and cemented areas, including walkways, driveways, patios, decks, etc. On a regular schedule, pressure wash these areas and treat / polyurethane, etc., areas that could benefit from doing so. Repair cracks etc so you can seal them and make sure there are no more problems.

5. Gardens: Smart homeowners have a regular schedule for planting, seeding, etc. Trim shrubs, tidy up the soil, add seeds to your lawn, water, inspect your sprinklers (whether installed, underground, or above ground) and be proud to be a homeowner!

This spring cleaning checklist is an important discipline for homeowners! Are you willing to protect and take good care of your single largest financial investment?

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