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Have you decided to quit coffee? Try these alternatives

Have you finally decided to quit coffee because you are concerned about your blood pressure, disturbed sleep patterns, or other health problems?

If you, like up to 20% of the population in the Western world, have IBS, you have probably learned that coffee is a trigger. Surprisingly, decaf coffee is also a trigger. It’s not just caffeine that stimulates your gut. Coffee contains an enzyme that irritates the digestive tract.

You love the taste and the whole experience of coffee, but you know that coffee doesn’t suit you.

The decision has been made … but you miss that morning experience … the warm, rich taste, texture and aroma … the way it feels when it strokes your tongue and slides down your throat.

Coffee substitutes may be the answer for you.

Grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits form the base of many coffee-like beverages. They can be roasted, steeped or boiled to extract the substances that are used to produce a final dry product that is mixed with hot water or prepared like regular ground coffee.

Here are some substitutes that might be worth trying.

Caffeine-free cereal drink Caf-Lib Original Blend

Caf-Lib is an instant coffee alternative made from roasted malt barley, roasted barley, and roasted chicory. It is 100% natural without caffeine, sugar, chemicals or preservatives. It looks and tastes a lot like coffee without some of the nasty side effects of coffee.

Instant natural drink without caffeine

But, a product of Switzerland, it is made from malted barley, barley, chicory and rye, with no added ingredients. It is very low acid and has a coffee flavor.

Herbal coffee without caffeine Teeccino

Teeccino coffee substitutes are rich in inulin, a soluble fiber from chicory root that helps improve digestion / elimination and increases the absorption of calcium and minerals. It is not acidic and is high in heart-healthy potassium. Teeccino is available in various flavors.

Dandy Blend Grain Caffeine Free Instant Coffee Drink

Dandy Blend is macrobiotic, vegan and gluten free, without acidity or bitterness. It features the health benefits of dandelion and the rich, full-bodied taste, smoothness, and texture of real coffee.

Cafix natural instant drink without caffeine

Cafix coffee substitute gets its rich flavor from a healthy blend of all natural ingredients … nothing artificial. Ingredients include malted barley, barley, chicory, figs, and beet roots.

Orzo Coffee Organic Caffeine-Free Italian Alternative

Orzo coffee is made from organic roasted barley. Brew it just like you would coffee: in your drip coffee machine, a drip filter, or in a French press. It is a smooth nutty drink with a rich flavor.

Crio Bru Vega Real

Vega Real is a premium quality roasted cocoa with natural notes of red fruits and dark spices. The earthy-toned beans are harvested at the peak of freshness and then brewed to reveal a luxurious, complex flavor that hints at red berries and dark, cocoa-scented spices. Making Crio Bru is easy, whether it’s in a coffee pot or a French press. The infusion is reported to be delicious, especially when a little sweetener or cream is added.

Note: cocoa beans contain small amounts of caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine or chocolate, this may not be the drink for you.

Natural Touch Kaffree Roma Caffeine Free Coffee Substitute

Kaffree Roma Roasted Bean Drink is delicious and satisfying. It is made from roasted barley malt with a hint of chicory. Enjoy the robust and full-bodied taste of coffee without caffeine, tannic acids or coffee beans.


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