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Fireplace efficiency with glass doors

Improve your fireplace’s heat efficiency by 25% or more by just doing a few simple things, you can improve your fireplace’s efficiency and get more heat out of your fireplace, while enjoying the ambiance and beauty of a wood burning fireplace you already have. it’s in your house. If you have a little working knowledge of fireplaces, then you can understand why improving the amount of heat a fireplace puts out is important to the overall enjoyment of having a fireplace in your home. If you are new to real wood burning fireplaces, there are some very simple ways to improve the amount of heat your fireplace will produce. The first thing you would like to know about your fireplace is whether it works well. As a masonry contractor in the Seattle area, we see quite a few chimneys each year that are unsafe to burn and need repair. Some of the things you might want to look for would be if the chimney needs repair or has loose bricks, smoke issues, water damage, or damper issues. One of the best ways to see if your fireplace is ready to light is to have it inspected by a masonry contractor in your area. Now it’s time to get that fire going, and as we said earlier, we want the fireplace to burn efficiently.

The first rule of thumb for any fire to burn efficiently is what type of fuel are you burning? For a wood-burning fireplace to burn well, it needs to burn good quality, dry, seasoned wood. When you burn quality seasoned wood, the fire will burn cleaner, hotter and increase the efficiency of your fireplace. You can tell I’m already using good quality seasoned wood to help my fireplace burn well, but I still want my fireplace to improve its efficiency. There are still several other things you can do to improve your fireplace’s efficiency by another 25% or more. Any and all fireplaces should have a glass door installed, if only for safety reasons, installing a glass door is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your fireplace for very little cost. You may be thinking that if I put glass doors on my fireplace, the heat will stay behind the glass and go up the chimney. This is not the case, the heat from your fireplace will radiate through the glass even if the glass doors are closed, so a good way to use your glass doors is to burn the fireplace with the glass doors open and the screen of security. closed. This way you have all the beauty and atmosphere of your fire before you.

If your fireplace is equipped with outside air or make-up air, you can also burn the fireplace with the glass doors closed and the safety screen open, in this mode you will be able to see your beautiful fire and feel the radiant heat, but not lose any of the room air through the chimney. Make-up air or outside air can be installed in most fireplaces if you don’t have it in your fireplace now. These two things will also overcome the reasons why some fireplaces smoke, and also why your fireplace has a smoky smell when not in use. For those two reasons alone, all fireplaces should have glass doors installed. The best reason I’ve saved for last is that your fireplace is having a hard time losing heat all day and night, even when you’re not using it. The reason is that the fireplace damper is not airtight, they are made that way to keep a certain amount of clearance even when closed. So if you have a fireplace that doesn’t have a glass door, you’re wasting energy going up and down the chimney. In this article, it’s easy to see how you can get more heat out of your fireplace with just a few small changes, allowing you to burn outside air instead of the air you’ve already paid to heat, and installing glass doors to stop heat loss.

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