Effective Networking Tip for Rapid Networking – 500 Business Networking Connections in 45 Days

This article provides effective networking tips to build 500 business network connections in 45 days. The faster your network build reaches your desired network number, the more business connections you can convert into buyers and customers. The tips here are for serious people who understand the value of getting 500 business networking leads fast.

You can join Twitter or even Facebook and develop a lot of connections very quickly. However, you should only look for an effective network method where there is a reason for each connection established. To find a social networking site packed with business people, they are an important choice. That choice is LinkedIn. The assumption is that you want connections to be made on a site where already more than a third of the members are decision makers or business owners.

After filling in the basic information on LinkedIn, avoid site suggestions that are conveniently offered to you. This means avoiding emailing your email contacts, emailing connections on other social networks, and not emailing people who went to your college during the same years you attended. There is a faster method, much less likely to stop your easy invite method. Your goal is to quickly make many effective connections for your personal network.

Tip: I cannot guarantee the results of 500 commercial network connections in 30 days, unless you follow my instructions. Quick networking requires instructions and the use of logic. My method requires you to email at least 1400 invitations to quality people to connect with you. During this time period also expect 150 or more people to send you invites. If your invitation is worded correctly and emailed to the right people, expect a 33-43% response rate.

You must send invitations every day, for a total of less than 300 per week. First, you MUST join certain groups like “Top Linked”, “Linked Business”, “Open Networkers”, “The Sales Connection”, “Lions” and at least 10 others that contain future leads. Start with Top Linked, an “open networking” group. Go to the Top-Linked group page and select the “members” tab. Then select “advanced features”. Change the territory to US only and check the industry box marked “marketing and advertising”. press enter. You will get more than 2,400 potential connections of which you have the ability to invite 200 people quickly.

Here’s a helpful tip to maximize exposure from 200+ potential hookup candidates. On the same advanced search page where you entered “marketing and advertising,” look at the keyword box at the top. Now, one at a time, enter a keyword such as sales, marketing, executive, director, manager, or owner. Each time you press enter, you narrow the selection down to another 100-200 top leads. Choose different groups you joined or keyword selections to keep fulfilling your 300 monthly email invites.

You don’t want one in 10 to respond favorably, but at least three or four out of 10. Here’s a great clue that few business network professionals use correctly. Do not use the standard invitation. Tell the recipient of your invitation which group you are a member of. Then tell the person that his biography interests you, which instills pride in the group member. Tell them the type of person you are looking to make a connection with. Of course, this would match the keyword used in your selection. Request that they file and ignore your request if they are not interested. Always end by wishing them a great day or a similar happy ending. As a result, your connection rate will skyrocket using this precise method.

Remember that for the above effect business networking idea, you can use a customizable cut and paste invitation method.

Here’s another hint to win over people who ask you to link to them quickly. Almost all groups will allow you to post a request for this purpose. The purpose is to get requests from members of the group you joined to be invited. Please read the procedures correctly and post your application, along with your email address so they can invite you directly and easily. Many good additional business networking connections start this way, so get your share.

500 new business connections in 45 days fast is an effective opportunity to take advantage of right now.

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