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Do all men get very nervous with a girl they like? Learn everything you need to know

Most of the time, men get nervous when they face their latest love or the girl of their dreams! You may even wonder why the most confident and handsome men seem to wither in front of a beautiful woman!

Like any other man, he is afraid of rejection.

He might be nervous because he’s felt the sting of rejection in the past and doesn’t want to experience that bitter feeling again! This guy wants every move calculated now so he doesn’t have to watch you reject it at the end.

He is not quite sure of his appearance.

You might be anxious about your appearance. You may be a great looking girl, so he is nervous that he is not handsome enough to be considered a match for you. This guy is too insecure, which is why you will see him fidgeting every time you are around him.

He is feeling your presence.

Your mother’s presence sends shivers down his spine, not in a horror movie style, but in a nice way. He is nervous because your presence there affects him. And this guy will want to impress you with his best qualities once he confirms that you are close to him.

He still can’t admit his feelings.

He may be sure of his feelings for you, but he’s still not sure if you’d reciprocate his deep feelings. This is a big reason for him to panic and not approach you yet. Once this guy confirms that you feel the same way about him, that’s the time you’ll make the move on him.

He is dying to make a lasting impression.

This guy is well aware that he has an opportunity to create an impression that you will remember for the rest of your life. He now wants that impression to be truly lasting. That’s why he’s too nervous: this is his decisive move!

He’s suddenly vulnerable with you.

Other women may adore him and he feels safe when he is in front of them. But with the girl of his dreams he feels helpless so he feels and looks nervous every time she is in the same room.

His plans fall apart.

This guy may have his whole life figured out before you came here. But now that you’re here, everything seems to be falling apart. It’s natural for this guy to feel nervous because you’re turning his whole world upside down!

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