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Corpus Christi is beautiful, dangerous

When the sky is blue, the air is warm, and the water hits the sandy beach soft and hypnotically, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place than Corpus Christi, Texas. However, once every few decades, Mother Nature reminds residents not to be taken for granted.

In 1919, one of the most intense and deadly storms of the 20th century struck the city, killing 287 people after having already caused its devastation in Florida, where between 800 and 900 lives were lost. In 1967, Hurricane Beulah made landfall near the city in a storm surge so powerful that 31 new channels were cut on Padre Island. Hurricane Celia swept through just three years later, and although the damage was extensive, the loss of life was minimal due to the city’s preparation.

This kind of advance planning is one of the many reasons Corpus Christi, Texas residents hang up their “Home Sweet Home” tiles. A major military city, the Corpus Christi Army Depot and the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station provide more than 6,000 jobs to the local economy. Additionally, the Port of Corpus Christi is the sixth largest port in the US with tons of agricultural and oil products arriving daily.

In addition to a strong job market, another great advantage of living in Corpus Christi was being named the first city to establish free citywide Wi-Fi. Eventually city officials sold the network to Earthlink, but the fact that the service was the first of its kind in the country demonstrates the long-term vision of community leadership.

While the median salary is only slightly less than the Texas median income, housing for this Gulf community is affordable. The median price new buyers paid in the city two years ago, right after the real estate boom, was just under $ 138,000. Condo units were even more affordable, averaging $ 120,000.

Affordable homes, endless beaches, ocean activities, and great opportunities for elementary, high school, and higher education really help Corpus Christi rank as one of the best communities in Texas to call home.

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