Children’s performance ideas for family parties

Every once in a while, there is a time when large family gatherings are called, and preparations for this event are a long and well thought out process. With lots of details that need to be organized, like poster printing, setting up the stage and lights, handing out tables and chairs, and much more, performing for your loved ones can be fun for the family and for you too. .

Putting on a good show is a good way to get closer to family members; especially for those with whom you are not very familiar. This may also be your time to let go of your frustrations with singing, acting, and others; And the good thing is that being silly or weird is not something you have to worry about.

With great shows, the more performances the better, and having some of them come from family members makes the event more intimate as they get to know a little more about who you are, too.

1. National dance: Picking a famous dance from any country you want is entertaining enough with the costume alone. It is interesting to perform any type of dance unknown to people; By sharing the dance, your audience can learn a thing or two about a country’s culture. Not only has it entertained you, but it has also provided a glimpse into the culture of a country.

2. Pet Tricks: Bringing pets is always a good sight for children and the elderly as well; and having to watch them perform tricks is always a fun performance to watch. Also, as an interpreter, you can show off your disciplinary skills to train your dog to do such wonders. Getting one or two of your family members involved in any of the tricks you have can also be a good highlight.

3. Performance / Stage Performance: If you have a group of cousins ​​that are relatively the same age group, everyone will appreciate doing a complete stage performance. A story told and portrayed by someone the audience knows personally is a good way to keep them entertained and also to learn a little more about yourself and your talents. Hanging up some site-printed posters on your play can make your family members more excited during the gathering.

4. Catwalk Parade: If there is a majority of teenagers in your family, putting on a catwalk show for your parents, aunt and uncles can be fun for both you and your audience. Also, your family members can learn more about that you are no longer a child or you can easily share your design talents.

Family members will greatly appreciate sharing a little of your talents. Plus, getting involved in making a family reunion more interesting is fun, as you can interact with your cousins ​​and bond with them more along the way.

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