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What type of mobile user are you?

Digital marketing research leader InsightExpress has found a way to profile mobile consumers, which can be helpful to mobile marketers when trying to target a certain audience. They have categorized all mobile users into three segments, including: mobile pioneers, mobile aspiring, and mobile traditionalists. InsightExpress research sheds light on the behavior of various people in relation to mobile technology.

According to the study, mobile pioneers make up the 15 percent of mobile users believed to be ahead of the curve in terms of their mobile IQ. These people use advanced mobile features on a weekly basis, such as the Internet or video applications. The majority of consumers in this sector are under the age of 35 and are predominantly single men. Furthermore, 1/3 of this group was reported to own a smartphone.

Going down the mobile IQ scale, our next profile is the so-called Wannabes, who make up 25 percent of those studied. These folks have tried at least some kind of advanced feature on a mobile device and would like the chance to use it more often. Less than half of all Wannabes are under 35 and less than five percent own a smartphone. While mobile pioneers “set trends, aspirants popularize them.”

Our final category includes Mobile Traditionalist, which represents the largest segment at 60 percent. This group prefers to use their phone primarily for voice and text messaging purposes. In terms of age, 2/3 of mobile traditionalists are over 35 years old.

InsightExpress research is particularly fascinating because it delves into how different groups of people use their mobile devices. Pioneers and hopefuls must be of great interest to advertisers because of their attitudes towards mobile marketing. People within these profiles agreed that most of the advertising was relevant to them, that the ads keep them up-to-date on the latest trends and products, and that they have shared with someone about an ad that they found interesting. With InsightExpress research, mobile marketers have an idea of ​​who is most open to their messages and what they can do to expand their appeal.

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