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What happened in the UK in 1991?

Break down 1991 into the top news, sports, and entertainment events; This is what happened …

At the beginning of the year, the ‘Gulf War’ began as a result of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, prompting UK forces to fight against Saddam Hussein’s army. The fighting lasted only a couple of months, but is well remembered for being the first war to be televised on the news.

The little and beloved media mogul Robert Maxwell puts a mysterious ending during his vacation on his boat off the coast of Tenerife. Struggling under financial pressure, with his corporation on the brink of collapse, he was thought to have overreached, although no one really knows what happened.

Another mystery that emerged was an outbreak of “crop circles.” Some 600 new ones (one in the Prime Ministers’ garden!) Appeared in the UK during the summer of ’91, putting Britain in the limelight of the world’s media. Some experts pointed the finger at human deceivers, some claimed abnormal weather conditions were the cause, while others were 100% sure they were messages from aliens.

In sporting terms, England hosted the 1991 Rugby World Cup but, despite having the advantage of playing at home, they were beaten in the final by the Australians. New soccer star Paul Gascoigne injured his knee while playing for Tottenham in the FA Cup final, leading to a one-year absence.

Television saw a couple of newcomers make their mark and a return of the old. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer (better known as Vic & Bob) debuted on Channel 4 and their weird kind of humor quickly caught on, making their surreal show a 1991 hit. Back with dumber games, less than special guests and ‘gunk’ was Noel Edmonds at his live show (broadcast from the fictional ‘Crinkley Bottom’) ‘Noel’s House Party’. Accompanying Edmonds was his pink and yellow friend, Mr. Blobby, who surprisingly hit a number one single despite not being able to speak.

The best movie of 1991 was ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ with lead roles from Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. As Hannibal Lecturer (a psychotic cannibal) and Clarice Sterling (a young FBI cadet) they form a strange kind of partnership to hunt down an even more bizarre serial killer named “Buffalo Bill.” Also that year it was one of the few sequels that improved on the original; He said “I’ll be back” and Arnold Schwarzenegger was on ‘Terminator 2’. This time playing one of the good guys trying to protect the boy destined to save the human race.

On the UK music front in ’91, the year belonged to Bryan Adams and his HUGE hit ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’. The title track of ‘Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves’ topped the charts for a record 16 weeks and was in the Top 40 for a total of 6 months. As for the best-selling album of 1991, it was for Simply Red and their album ‘Stars’. Christmas number one was a reissue; Queen reissued ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to commemorate the death of lead singer Freddie Mercury earlier in the year.

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