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Watch the commercial – OR – Make popcorn?

Mr. and Mrs. Will B Homebuyer:

“I’m looking for your commercial and I couldn’t find it”

Mr. and Mrs. Wanna B Homeseller:

“Commercial? On TV? We don’t have a commercial!”

Mr. and Mrs. Will B. Home Buyer:

“No, not on TV! We are talking about your home commercial on the Internet! We are searching all channels, Georgia MLS, Zillow,, Trulia and our real estate agents website and we didn’t find your home listing commercial ”

Mr. and Mrs. Wanna B. Homeseller:

“Well, it should be there! The house is on the list! Are you sure you don’t see our commercial? There are a lot of pictures!”

Mr. and Mrs. Will B. Home Buyer:

“Oh, there it is! Now we see it. Sorry! We lost your commercial.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wanna B. Homeseller:

“Why did you miss our commercial?”

Mr. and Mrs. Will B. Home Buyer:

“During his commercial is when we get up to pop the popcorn and have a cold beer.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wanna B. Homeseller:

“If you are interested in buying a product that I am advertising, why didn’t you see my commercial about it?”

Mr. and Mrs. Will. B. Home buyer:

“Your product is empty. There were no details to imagine. Nothing caught our eye, so we quickly reshipped it. There are so many products like yours that we can choose from and there are so many commercials to see that we have narrowed our options down to our own. Favorite commercials from 8 to 10. We’ll see those products tomorrow. Sorry, but we won’t see yours. ”

Favorably presenting and creatively marketing a product for sale has always been a strategic part of successful business practices. Marketing your home for sale is no different. The Internet now acts on your behalf as a commercial for your homes. At the close you will be paying for that commercial in commissions that come from your earnings. It makes sense for your commercial to be quality, eye-catching, and displayed in a mansion that encourages sales.

Isn’t that what salespeople are supposed to do: boost sales?

80% or more of today’s home buyers first view the commercial home listing on the Internet before physically visiting the property.

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