The importance of privacy in your workplace

These days, courts are faced with many issues related to decisions made on an employer’s right to know against the employee’s right to privacy. Employers’ interests seem to be in conflict with employee privacy rights these days. Individuals are paid for their productivity, however, in recent times there is a great concern about wasting time, especially with web surfing and social media. This sometimes creates liability for the employer for the circulation of inappropriate material and the download of viruses. This leads to the loss of valuable time and money. Employees, on the other hand, find employers very invasive as they follow and control their every move.

Today, many privacy-invasive techniques are in use including, but not limited to, computer software that tracks movement, phone and email monitoring. Other forms are also taken which relate to credit checks, background checks, circuit surveillance, location tracking, etc.

Some of these modes are discussed below.

Monitoring the computer

Employee work habits can be easily tracked with the computer. Employees can be monitored at any time since the boss has access to the computer network and the terminal. Available computer software can help track any type of Internet usage, emails, and even keystrokes.


The boss can access the intranet and the email system of a company without any problem. An employer may choose to monitor any mail that goes to or reaches the employee. Mail systems have backup copies, so even deleted emails remain on the system for later access.

Call monitoring

Telephone conversations can be tracked and monitored as long as the employee shares their consent with the employer. The organization must ensure that the employee knows the procedure in which calls are handled.

Dialed phone numbers

A pen allows you to record the phone numbers dialed by the employee. The dialed numbers along with the duration of each call can be viewed with this arrangement.

Location tracking

Location tracking software can be used for this purpose. Any movement of the employee through the workplace can be detected. It is used mainly for security reasons. In this way, the employer can verify the time a person spends on each task.

Aside from people who have misconduct in their name, others may choose to choose their right to privacy. Some rights are described below.

Background checks

An employer must keep the employee informed about such controls and also requires their consent before proceeding with the controls.

Going through personal things

Personal belongings cannot be searched at the workplace.

· Revealing employee information is offensive.

Although it is very obvious that some of these measures are extreme, everything said and done is paying you for productivity and that should be your main concern. That said, all of these measures shouldn’t affect you much as a responsible employee.

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