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Oahspe – The New Bible and How It Was Written

Back in the 1800s, from 1848 to around 1900, spiritualism was very popular in America. It all began on the night of March 31, 1848 in Hydesville, New York when some young women from the Fox family decided to try to communicate with a spirit that had been lurking in their home. Through a series of back and forth blows between the girls and the spirit, he told them that he had been murdered in that house and that his bones were buried in the basement. Sure enough, they dug into the ground and there they were.

Well, that signaled a frenzy of interest in the “spirits of the dead” that continued across the United States for the next 50 years. A certain John Ballou Newbrough became fascinated with the phenomenon and delved into his own séances. Newbrough discovered that he himself was a medium, in the sense that the spirits could control his arms and hands, and when they did, he had no control over his arms.

After many years of his involvement in spiritualism, he woke up in the middle of the night to a bright light in his bedroom. Startled, he saw angels at the foot of his bed. They asked him if he would do something for the Creator of the Universe, Jehovih. He asked them what they wanted him to do. They told him to live a spiritual life for ten years. He asked them how to do that. They told him to stop eating dead meat, dairy products and to do charity work and never send a bill to his patients. Dr. Newbrough was a dentist.

After the angels told him that, they just left. Dr. Newbrough did what he was asked to do and at the end of those ten years, the angels returned to his bedroom. They told him to buy a typewriter, which had just been invented, and to sit in front of it every morning before dawn. Dr. Newbrough, who couldn’t even type, did as he was told and a yellow light appeared “through the ceiling” in his hands and he began to write a manuscript.

After doing this for a year, the angels told him to publish it and call it Oahspe which means HEAVEN-EARTH-SPIRIT. Dr. Newbrough said that once he got up from his typewriter, with the light reflecting off his hands, and as he reached out of the window with his hands, he could see this yellow light going up into the sky as far as the eye could see. view. .

The story of the Fox sisters is very sad. Because the subject of spiritualism was so controversial, at the time, and still is, these women had a lifetime of problems related to their involvement in this period of American history. They had so many problems, that they eventually ended up debunking their own story, about their experiences, only for the public to leave them alone. But the facts are still there. Those bones were found buried in the basement, just as the spirit told them.

On top of that, if someone delved into spiritualism extensively, they would discover that it is a fact that people survive physical death to be alive in the spirit world. Many books have been written on this subject. One such book titled “Love Eternity Answer” by Jeanne C. Belt is an example of automatic writing by Jeanne Belt’s own husband.

When Guy, her husband, died, she was able to use Jeanne’s hands and wrote to her every morning for a long time. He told her what she was like in the spirit world and begged her to let him go, so that she could continue her spirit life. When he died, she missed him so much, that this kept him here on earth and with her and he couldn’t leave her, until she let him go by not missing him so much. This book is very rare and has sold for a lot of money.

There is the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA, which has thousands of members throughout the world, as a result of readings given by Edgar Cayce while in trance. Edgar Cayce was able to answer any question he was asked about health, life after death, history, and many other topics. He gave many thousands of these readings over many years. From his health readings to hundreds of people, he is called the Father of Holistic Medicine.

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