Need for Speed ​​Shift: the pros and cons

It is true that the presentation of the graphics of the game draws the attention of the players. The recent Need for Speed: Shift has brought changes that are presented with amazing graphics, in addition to the already amazing graphics of the cars, their tracks and lightning effects. The general review is that although the sound is excellent, a change in the sound of the car is expected, especially in the change, as it sounds too sporty. Also, the game does not remember the user’s preferred driving view and this will hamper the player as they will have a hard time reaching the top. As a result, the game starts in the default driving view and if another view is preferred this has to be changed manually every race, which can be annoying.

Need for Speed: Shift has changed considerably when moving things around in the game. Tuning has been eliminated, in addition to urban circuits, the urban driving scheme and police chases. The game can progress by completing the 3 main challenges and this is followed by a one-on-one race that engages you with high-profile drivers. Winning these races is exciting, as you, the player, receives the car used by the other driver, and achieving this challenge allows you to move to the next level of competition. These levels of competition circle continue until the player literally reaches the top of the ladder and owns every car worth owning. This offers a clean way to strive for promotion and is very much enjoyed by players.

The game Need for Speed ​​was due to the launch of successful game franchises, and also, as it was the precursor, it received huge dividends, as well as receiving criticism that flowed with wildly optimistic comments. Need for Shift, known as NFS, released it on iPhone in May 2009 and had a smooth transition as the game showed no ill effects even in portable form and was considered as the wonderful racing games that were available for download. . Electronic Arts is a Goliath in the gaming industry and is successful from the start. However, the current branch is developing the NFS and is releasing a new series every year and this continues for the last few years. EA will surely release the mobile version of NFS and all future versions as well.

Need for Shift faced certain issues, such as boss fights that gave the feeling of street racing. Similarly, another problem is regarding the way this game puts the characteristics that is similar to a driver who scores points on each skid curve. In this way, the game defines the driver as a clean, careless or aggressive racer, but the fastest way is to skid the curves. In case drifting seems like a challenge as you can make use of the handbrake. However, the way the player is defined as a driver is misleading here, but since this is a racing game, driving becomes very important and luckily this game is straightforward to drive.

The steering is precise and the controls of the PSP game console work perfectly, however, the overall system may not like it mainly because turning the corner in a faster way using the parking brake becomes unavoidable. Another very significant point is that the boost button reappears in the need for speed – shift and this button make the car go fast for almost 7 seconds. However, many may find it unrealistic and consider it a game room, but if you like it, you better enjoy it.

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