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Make your ex crawl back! Stop being sad about the breakup and follow these tips right now

There are many ways to get back in a relationship with your ex. However, only when you are determined to push yourself and attract your ex, will it really work!

Here are some great ways to make your ex fall in love with you and crawl again!

Never ever chase it

You should stop trying to get in touch with your ex. To “chase” means to make late-night calls, send emails or send messages, and stalk. This type of behavior will only make your ex dislike you very much and even feel sorry for you. Stop harassing your ex. Bring them back to you willingly and of their own free will.

Pump up that personality

Working on yourself is what you should do instead of chasing your ex. Get a complete makeover and surprise your ex. Your new chic look will automatically give you the confidence you need.

Be bold and courageous

Get rid of your inhibitions and fear of rejection, etc. Be bold and courageous. Show your ex that you’ve moved on with confidence. Don’t focus on the past instead of forgetting the bad parts! Be social and make new friends. This will really impress your ex.

Ignore your ex

Make sure you have the same friends and ignore your ex. Except for the casual “hi”, don’t pay attention to your ex. Instead, pay attention and time to others. This attitude will not only irritate your ex, but they will also want to claim them as their own.

Social accepts invitations

Once your ex sees you as a social person, they will try to get your attention. This does not mean that you flirt with each and every girl or boy you meet. It will make your ex sit up and realize this new and “available” person and they will regret leaving you and crawl back.

Make your ex believe that you are lost to him / her forever!

You have to be careful not to overdo it! It’s okay to make your ex think that you’ve moved on and that you’re probably dating someone else. But if you go too far, he may turn his back on you and forget you completely. On the other hand, if you play it right, they will be afraid of losing you forever and will crawl back to you.

Be patient

Don’t try to rush things and get your ex crawling with you again. Instead, give it time and let your ex see if “the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence.” Most of the time they find out that it is not. So be patient and he / she will come back to you.

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