Jes Extender Review: How Good Is The Device For Increasing Penis Enlargement

Much like the way women constantly worry about their figure, men have been known to worry about the size of their penis. They believe that penis size has a lot to do with virility and sexual stamina and people with smaller limbs often feel insecure and have a hard time performing in bed. Before, nothing could be done to improve the size of your penis. Thanks to advances in research and technology, you now have options like the Jes Extender, a clinically proven device to help you enhance the size of your penis that nature has endowed you with.

If you are wondering what exactly Jes Extender is and how it helps to enlarge the penis, you should know that this device works on the traction mechanism and helps to improve the size of the penis, both in length and in girth. The device is clinically proven and endorsed by medical professionals for its effectiveness in achieving penis enlargement, with safety concerns in mind.

The Jes Extender comes in four parts comprising a ring that fits the penis at the base. There are two arms that are attached to the base and have spring action and are equipped with screws to make adjustments. There is a tube-shaped structure made of soft silicone material to hold the head of the penis. Extension rods are also provided to use once the length of the penis begins to increase.

So how does Jes Extender work? The device makes use of a traction mechanism that is used consistently and successfully in orthopedics to increase the length by applying some force. The body has a unique ability to adjust to a small amount of force that is constantly exerted by causing the application of cell division and tissue growth. This principle is used in the traction device such as the Jes extender.

Advantages of using Jes Extender:

1. Most important of all is the increase in size that can be seen when using the device. The user will not only observe an increase in the length of the penis, but it will also do wonders for the girth of the penis.

2. The device is known to help correct abnormal curvature of the penis caused by plaque build-up, a condition known as Peyronie’s disease.

3. The blood supply to the penis improves making erections much firmer and stronger and last much longer.

4. The improvement of the size and the better quality of the erections help to improve the confidence of the person to act in bed.

5. Not only does the erect length of the penis improve, the length of the penis while flaccid also increases.

6. The Jes Extender comes to you with a training program that will improve the efficiency of the device and make your efforts safer.

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